Metamorphosis DAY 2 – Thursday 26 March 2009

Today Graeme, a regular poet at our Moving Voices night, who also
happens to be a plumber, came and got the water switched on (it had
been turned off at the mains when the bailiffs took all the previous
tenants kitchen stuff out – eeek). Chris the builder turned up in his
veggie-powered car and got stuck in with the demolition….. he looked
very happy!

Zigz, Kelly and Tony took hammers to the panelling in what was the
bar, which is now going to be the lounge area by the kitchen. Lovely
Bethyn came along too, she’d been away for a couple of weeks so it was
awesome to see her and she got right down to scraping up carpet foam
to get the floor ready for the bamboo flooring! Nina in the meantime
carried on like a whirling dervish with her car-elves getting stuff
from the old place and clearing a few things and she and Donna
heroically moved the smelly compost bin from Bedford Place to Holly’s

We’ve taken down some panelling in the old kitchen – these were there
instead of walls and were pretty doom, so out they’ve come. The
original plan was to replace them with a stud wall, but once they came
down the window at the back let in so much light, we’ve decided to
make the kitchen ‘part open’. Zigz was not too pleased at first with
the idea of being on show, so we’re having blinds we can drop down as
a ‘do not disturb’ measure.

We reckoned that we’re actually pretty damn proud of our food and
would like it on display! Plus the extra light saves energy, as does
the fact that the lounge area can ‘borrow’ heat from the kitchen –

The other joyous thing was getting to save nearly £700 on bamboo
flooring, when we uncovered really nice floorboards in the lounge
area, which we’re going to sand. An even more sustainable solution
that the bamboo, as we don’t have to buy anything – we just use what’s
already there! We’re leaving the carpet towards the front though, for
sound and heat insulation.

The new building is as random and wonky as the first, more so in fact
as Graeme and I found a ‘secret’ pair of little rooms in the basement
which you can’t get into!! Very strange.

Felt like a really productive day and the space feels much bigger
already – if a little messy!

“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who
will never be able to repay you.” — John Wooden

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