Metamorphosis DAY 4 Saturday 28 March 2009

I’ve decided there is a more doom job than taking off woodchip
wallpaper. This more doom job is none other than scraping grout and
glue off floorboards. That said, I think zigz and I needed a relaxing
couple of hours scraping and singing about how doom it was, also
banging in the occasional nail which had popped up too far and will do
bad things to the sander.

Many people came and collected wood today, which means the skip is emptier (yay) and we’ll be re-using some of the panelling and plasterboard ourselves.

We also found out that the biggest wall, which we had hoped to paint today, had not been primed properly by whoever decorated it before, so the emulsion just peeled off in big strips! We set about peeling away, it’s actually quote therapeutic, especially when you get a particularly big bit 🙂

Bik spent about 2 hours in B&Q getting more panel heaters (these seem to be the best of a bad bunch where electric heaters are concerned, they’re very thin and chuck out a constant low heat – about 450W), insulation made from recycled plastic bottles (I was rather excited to find this in B&Q), more lighting stuff and stuff to make the floor level. The B&Q spend is a bit big, all these small items really add up even though we are trying not too buy anything without really thinking about it first.

Stella spent most of the day scraping, either carpet foam off the floor or paint off the walls! Shane turned up very well equiped (I had toolbox envy) and pitched in with scraping, panel removal and handy advice about the floor. Nina’s task continues although she assures me that she and the elves have made a sizable dent in the doom at 81a….. I haven’t actually been back there since we took out the piano and the place already seems like somewhere I used to hang out a long, long time ago!

I’m going to settle down with a nice glass of wine, having decided I was too knackered to go to either of the parties I was invited to tonight (sorry Holly & Phil, sorry Deb). I have an itchy right
palm…. I think this means I am going to get some money (which would be handy) but it could also be hammer-itch from chipping grout off of floorboards!!

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