Day 8 – Wednesday 1st April

The kitchen wall is up….. and Tom the Builder doesn’t have to go
back to jury service, so he can work for the next three days!

Our ‘regular’ builder, Chris, has headed to London today for the
Climate protests – I’ve been getting ‘twitters’ all day and it sounds
like it’s going really well – sending a clear message to the G20 that
they need to take action on the Climate, not focus on ways to expand
the economy and carry on ‘business as usual’ whilst the world falls
into economic and climate crisis. We would love to be there, setting
up a Climate Camp in the middle of London, but figure our contribution
to the local community is part of the solution – so we’re working hard
to open up again as soon as we can!

LOTS more yellow paint is going on the walls downstairs, and the
soundproofing is also coming along well. We’ve a new volunteer, Dave,
a teacher who is giving up some of his previous holiday to help us –
he responded to a shout out I send on the ‘freeconomy’ website – – an online community connecting people who
want to build a new economy based on community, not profits 🙂

Tony has the day off from his normal job and is here, working away,
along with Laura and Shane, Simon and Kathryn.

The showing of ‘The Age of Stupid’ last night was both terrifying and
inspirational – this film shows the stark reality we are facing if we
don’t sort things out in the next 92 months – see here for info on why we only have that
long (less than 8 years) to save ourselves from the ‘tipping point’ –
the point where we may no longer be able to do anything but watch our
planet heat up and our species (and most others) become extinct. The
film was the first I’ve seen in a mainstream cinema which actually
said that dramatic social change is needed to do this – global justice
and an end to the ‘growth economy’ which has got us into this mess.

I have faith we can do it! Humans are amazing, resourceful and
passionate creatures when we put our minds to it. In the film, Pete
Postelthwaite’s character says that maybe we didn’t think we were
‘worth saving’. I think we are and I think we have it in us to turn
this crisis into a beautiful, just and compassionate society 🙂

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