Metamorphosis – Day 9 & 10

Couldn't quite get it together to blog yesterday! After over a week
of long days, every day, we're all feeling pretty tired and we've had
fewer volunteers in the last two days too (it was quite sunny, which
doesn't help!). The ones we did have in were, as always, amazing!
Geoff and Mark put some shelves up in the office and I had a tidy and
an unpack, so there is one part of the building which isn't in a state
of chaos! Daniel came in towards the end of yesterday, bearing a
placard from the G20 Meltdown saying 'Abolish all Nukes – Yes we can!'
– it's now propped outside the office.

The soundproofing STILL isn't done, which is quite frustrating, but I
think Chris will be able to focus on that next week. The electricians
have to come in one more time to install hot water thingies (hooray!)
and the dishwasher and prep table came from Minstead today, thanks to
Martin who took time out of his busy puppeteering schedule to fetch
them for us in his van.

Tony is downstairs painting the door a bright red 🙂

Francois came in and worked with Tom on starting the flooring – it's
been a slow start but apparently once you get going it's pretty quick,
so fingers crossed it'll be done tomorrow! They needed special 'strap
clamps' which we ended up having to buy – frustrating to buy something
we're unlikely ever to use again, but we may find a good home for them
– or another use.

Tomorrow we're expecting a decent amount on volunteers in, so we can
do lots of stuff in the kitchen and upstairs generally. Me, Zigz and
Nina started rubbing things down and pulling wallpaper off (well, I
had to disappear yet again to B&Q!) and I even did a bit of tiling, so
look forward to seeing if that's still attached to the wall tomorrow

Naomi has cooked us all dinner and Nina has just gone to get it on her
bike – yipee!!! John made us a yummy pea and mint soup for lunch, so
even in the midst of all the chaos we are very well fed – although I
am eating far too many ginger nuts 🙂

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The Art House is a not-for-profit café, gallery and arts venue in the centre of Southampton. We are a place you can meet new people, meet up with friends or just come in by yourself. Our licensed café offers delicious organic lunches, Fairtrade tea and homemade cake. We also have a busy programme of events, workshops, and art exhibitions, a clothing and crafts boutique and lots more. Most of our crew are volunteers and you might even want to apply to join them. Come along and enjoy our unique, community run space.
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