The wonder of Stories (for grownups)

Remember that feeling of sitting on top of the bedcovers while somebody read you a story?  Or watching Jackanory on TV (if you’re of the right age to remember such things), or story time at school?  
Hearing a tale told out loud had the power to transport you to another world, the world of you imagination where giants, ogres, dragons, knight and fairies ran riot and had amazing adventures.
Well, now that you are all grown up you can still experience this wonder at The Art House! One of the most long-standing groups to meet here is Southampton Story Club and the tales told at this regular meetup are certainly not for kiddies – or for the fainthearted.
The club has been running since the last century, meeting in local venues to share stories.  The people who come are both experienced, professional storytellers and people who are trying telling for the first time.  Some can tell stories from memory, some read them.  The tales are long and short, tall and, well…. they’re probably all tall tales, to be honest!
The evening starts at 8pm with time to grab a drink or even a light supper from our Twilight menu beforehand.  You are then invited to choose a comfy seat, sit back and be entertained the way people have been entertained for centuries.
Storytelling is a feature of every culture around the world and it strikes a deep chord in all of us.
A Siberian Elder said “If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life.”
So, why not come and find your way through Stories?  Story Club meets on the first Thursday of every month at The Art House from 8pm.  The event is by magic hat, suggested around £3, or whatever you can afford.
Bring a story to tell, or just come and listen – stories are nothing without somebody to hear them, after all! 

“Because there is a natural storytelling urge and ability in all human beings, even just a little nurturing of this impulse can bring about astonishing and delightful results.” 

—Nancy Mellon, The Art of Storytelling

Join Southampton Story Club’s Mailing list or Facebook group for invitations to future events.

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