Christmas ‘Crowd Fund’ Community appeal

At this time of year you may be thinking ‘Gosh, I’d like to send cards and gifts to those lovely folks at The Art House’.  Well, you know, you might be thinking that.

We don’t wish to be presumptuous… but you might!

crew of splendour banner

How could you resist this bunch?

Now, whilst we love cards (and, come to mention it, we do have some gorgeous ones for sale along with calendars, crafty gifts and more….) what we really like as we go into the New Year is, um..

Let’s not tinsel-coat this. The Art House run on love and…. also

Cash, money, dosh, cold hard currency.

We have tried arranging to pay all our bills paid in cake, but so far with limited success.  Our web designer is one of the few who has accepted these terms.

The Art House is totally self-funded and most of our cost are covered by selling yummy food and drink, charging for events and hiring out our space.

Part of that picture, to keep the rest of it affordable for everyone, is crowd funding through donations from the people who support us.

That’s you.

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Whilst chocolates and other festive treats are truly wonderful, seeing an increase in our donations pot at this time of year makes for much Christmas cheer.

So, we’re holding a special fundraising appeal for Christmas and our target is £1000 extra in the bank by January!  This money will go directly towards those bills which always arrive in January.  

We are here at the moment, thanks to a flood of lovely donations in the last few days.


christmas donate button

If you were thinking of sending us a card, we reckon it would set you back around £2 – 3 (depending on how posh the card was, and whether you used a first or second class stamp).

We worked out that If everyone on this mailing list gave us £2, we’d have over £6000 in the bank. Which, frankly, would make us feel pretty loved and appreciated by all you lovely folks.

Like a great stack of Christmas cards we could turn into paid bills.  A stack of cards that would make the whole year start on a lush footing.  Yes please.

christmas donate button

So, although it isn’t really the done thing, we are asking you to consider showing us some love via the medium of the Paypal donate button.

If you can chip in, any amount at all (seriously, we’re just so grateful you’ve taken the time to think of us!), please donate now.

Not only will you save yourself a walk to the postbox, but you’ll end 2014 knowing you’ve supported something you believe in.

Which will make you frolic.  Festively. Now, on to our what’s on guide (because of course, the best thing you can do for us all year round is to visit us!).

Love and mince pies* from all of us, to you.

christmas donate button

*(on sale in the cafe now, freshly baked and suitable for vegans).

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