Gig review – Lionface

I’m going to be honest here.

When Bik, who books most our gigs at The Art House, first played me some of Lionface‘s music online I thought ‘Wow I love that’ quickly followed by ‘They can’t possibly sound that good live, though, surely’.

Turns out they can!

I’ve already written about the joy of intimate gigs, but with bigger sound bands I sometimes worry that it just won’t work in our living-room-like space.   (I don’t know why I worry, as so far it always has, but I think I like to have a little worry in my life!)

As usual, my worry proved unfounded – our Bik has an uncanny ability to find the musicians who just ‘fit’ beautifully in our non-typical space.  He is a clever boy, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my sweetie, either.

ninja slobA Ninja Slob Drew Me started our evening, as one of my favourite regular acts at The Art House this had me swaying in my seat, captivated by the lilting, powerful sounds of 8-string bass and violin.

Not a combination I’ve ever heard before, but one I hope to hear again!

Then, there was just enough time to furnish our guests with a quick organic cider before the main act.

Lionface have been described as “A swift kick in the teeth to mainstream pop” by Green Man, and that they are.

Kat Marsh’s astounding vocals and electric presence filled the space and drew in the watchers, holding us entranced for the entire gig.

My favourite moment was ‘We Will Rise’ – the words and music of this song had us all hovering a few inches above the floor.

“We will rise  lionface
Because there’s nothing to stop us  
Nothing this time  
We will rise  
Because there’s nothing to stop us  
But the thoughts in our minds”

Another evening to remind me of the enchantment that music can weave in our lives, lifting us for just an hour or so to another place.

If you get a chance to see this artist live, do yourself a favour – go!

The Facebook comments after a gig always tell a good tale:

“Really good gig, well worth the long journey”  (David)

“’twas amazing – and I type this while listening to Beast” (Dave Hubble)

“Awesome gig, fantastic sounds!!! Can’t wait to see you live again sooooon!!” (Asta)

“Superb gig, your loss” (Barry – to those who didn’t come!)

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