There are no passengers on planet Earth, only crew.

Ultimately, the whole purpose of our space programme may well be to help us “transcend our sense of separation.” We are, as the man says, quite literally, stardust, but there are so many forces trying to separate us from this wonder.

As Marshall McLuhan said “There are no passengers on planet Earth, only crew”. So, we must sort this together. It’s starts with being selective about what we consume, and where and what we spend our money on. That is our power.

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

PS. If you are in the UK, you can help protect our future by switching your energy supplier to the one The Art House and it’s directors use.. Ecotricity.  They have one 100% green tariff (both gas and electricity) & earns us up to £70 if you switch using the link below.

They are also cheaper than the ‘big six’ and have the best customer service according to Which? magazine.

Visit  ) Or Quote TAHS1 over the phone.)

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I am a founding director of a Community Interest Company called The Art House Southampton CIC in the UK. I am a community artist / promoter / facilitator / technologist / general tinkerer! I believe that through the arts, people can rediscover themselves (and thereby reclaim their power.)
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