Jani’s post-election thoughts and a call to action!

Well, that’s that over with, and however you’re feeling about that election result, it feels like there’s a lot of energy out there right now.

Energy that can be channelled by each of us to make the world the way we wish it to be.  Voting is one part of that, even consciously not voting can be your expression of that – and whichever way you choose to be active, we’re just happy so many of you are.

Truth is – voting (or even actively choosing not to) is one way, on one day, to try to create the world you want to live in – but volunteering and activism means you can create that world every day.

We know that grassroots arts, community, the environment, looking after marginalised or vulnerable people and freedom to be different are values many of you hold very dear.

Whoever is in government, it’s up to *US* to be active, campaign, and volunteer our time for the things we believe in.

So, we’re calling on some of that energy to help us move forward into the next five years and beyond, whatever challenges are heading our way.

Join our volunteer crew – or find another organisation you resonate with, and share your most precious assets – time and skills! You won’t regret it and you’ll be part of changing the world. That’s not an exaggeration.

We do so hope you decide to take a look, 


About arthousesouthampton

The Art House is a not-for-profit café, gallery and arts venue in the centre of Southampton. We are a place you can meet new people, meet up with friends or just come in by yourself. Our licensed café offers delicious organic lunches, Fairtrade tea and homemade cake. We also have a busy programme of events, workshops, and art exhibitions, a clothing and crafts boutique and lots more. Most of our crew are volunteers and you might even want to apply to join them. Come along and enjoy our unique, community run space.
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