There are two ways our collective anger over the right’s fear-fueled ‘victory’ can go.

There are two ways our collective anger over the right’s fear-fueled ‘victory’ can go. It can lead to depression and fatalism (what they would like) or, if channelled, to an expansion of the public sphere by everyone coming together supporting the little things, locally, until it overwhelms them. Not very long ago, the government’s tiny majority would have been seen by the right as a disaster – the only reason they won was because of this man (a right-wing strategist who also works for the tobacco industry).

The fact that they relied on him shows that times have changed and the grip of the establishment is much weaker now than it appears.

So, switch off the news and use the Google. Here are some suggestions:

Positive News
Positive Money
New Statesman

and watching The Keiser Report. (Here’s one to get you started, with Max Keiser talking to Russell Brand)

You will start to recognise the subtle, warping, messages of old media by actively listening to the language being used (media studies students will recognise this exercise.)

And if you’re not angry, you ought to be.  The new government’s austerity programme is an ideologically-driven stitch-up. Don’t stand for it and don’t stick your head in the sand.

What now? Well, we need to look to them a bit like the zombie horde, relentless and unstoppable, getting back up as soon as we are knocked down, until the self-serving elite are finally swept away.

Our anger needs to be harnessed, and focussed-in on compassionate acts that each and every one of us can make every day. It’s something they don’t understand and it scares them silly.

Avoid chains if there is an alternative – support your local businesses and shop ethically, even if it costs more.

Remember that cheap goods are cheap because someone, somewhere in the world, is probably having to go hungry, or have their environment wrecked, to keep the high street and Amazon prices down. Your wallet is a weapon – aim it in the right direction!

Leave the house, even if you don’t feel like it. Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

Go to arts events, gigs and talks.

Grow your own food!

Sign petitions, write to MPs (endlessly, keeping them busy), take part in protests. Give to charity. Volunteer.

Every small action puts a little pressure on a seemingly insurmountable edifice that will, eventually, crumble. It must do – it’s inevitable. In the meantime, we will see more and more vulnerable people in need of our compassion over the next five years, more food banks, and more people suffering from mental health problems who are left without their support systems in place.

Please make one action a day to help them. You could perhaps start here

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