The Art House needs YOU!

We are current low on regular weekly volunteers and are doing a shout out for people to join our crew.


Do you want to be involved in on-the ground grassroots activism that has a direct, positive and quantifiable impact on the local community? This is your opportunity to get involved with The Art House!


What does it involve?


We won’t lie – there’s a lot of washing up and cleaning! But we also provide barista training, till training and food prep training – if you volunteer in the kitchen you will get the opportunity to learn more about vegan cooking and be privy to our magic recipes. You will also get to meet lots of lovely people!


When /how often do I need to be free?


Whilst we are very flexible in terms of working times and regularity, shifts tend to be 4 hours long and we absolutely adore when people can commit to a regular weekly shift as this really helps us out! However we understand this isn’t possible for everyone – but we do ask that you come a minimum of twice a month, unless you’re specifically unable to for a short period.


Having volunteers enables us to buy and operate ethically – by using organic, local and fairtrade products – whilst preventing the exploitation of people, animals and planet without passing the cost on to our community.  This keeps us accessible to as many people as possible without compromising our values.


We aim to have 65 active volunteers on our team, as we have 62 individual shifts to fill a week across the kitchen and café. We currently have 31 volunteers so we are a bit thin on the ground!

If you would like to find out more and apply, please fill in the form below:

About janifranck

Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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