Our new Art House Wish list

Sitting in the café having lunch, I was struck with how silly it would be to order or buy some whiteboard markers that we need right now, when I am sure someone out there has some they aren’t using and would be willing to donate to The Art House. As the reality of Climate Change is finally hitting home for many, everyday waste is becoming more and more difficult to abide by for some, including us. Whilst we have always sought to reduce, reuse and recycle, we haven’t ever published a wishlist – rather with ingenuity, sought out second hand furniture and unwanted art consumables to stock our crafty coffers.

However seeing as our community often ask how they can best help us, we thought it was a good idea to share some of the little day to day things we are looking for, as well as the bigger things that we need – we know it’s unlikely someone will have a freestanding kitchen wash basin going spare in their shed, but one never knows!

Here’s a link to the Wish List!

Have a great weekend,

Devin @ The Art House

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