Estelle Clarke shares why her show 110mph is donating proceeds to The Art House

Why my share of ticket sales for “110 m.p.h.” is going to The Art House in Southampton:

Everywhere you go, tributes pour in for the Art House. Last night at the Nuffield Southampton Theatres for Apples and Snakes South East, “451 City”, hosted by Pete Hunter and part of the Make it: SO festival, was no exception. Name after name attributed their success and wellbeing to the Art House.

It is difficult to imagine where Southampton would be without the unconditional acceptance, encouragement and kindness given by those at the Art House.

Jani Franck, Art House director says,

“For me, this project is about creating in microcosm the world we want, so that it becomes something real that can ripple out into the whole world.”

This month, the Art House launched a fundraiser – it needs £25,000 by the end of February. My share of ticket sales from “110 m.p.h.” is going to the Art House to help meet that target.

“110 m.p.h.” is the true story of love standing up to catastrophe told by way of spoken word and film. It is on at the Nuffield Theatre on 25 and 27 February. Tickets are £5 – get your ticket here:

There is also an Art House Fund Raising Festival – find out more about that here: Art House NotTheLastFundraiser Mini Festival, Midday to 10.30PM

Just in case you need another reason to support the Art House, its café makes the most delicious vegan cakes, served on pretty crockery.

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