Bik here – fundraising update!

Just in case you hadn’t heard .. WE DID IT!!

When we set out just 4 weeks ago to raise £25,000 for The Art House we did so with hope, but also with the knowledge that such a sum was, in reality, probably not attainable in such a short space of time. And yet we had to get there if we were to have a chance to clear our dues and reorientate ourselves so we could continue doing what we do for the foreseeable.

About twenty minutes before the four directors got on stage last night to announce that we had raised £18,550, proving what an incredibly generous lot you all are, we received a message from a performer who stood, for the first time, in front of an audience with us, to say that they were going to donate the difference.

We were able to stand in front of a packed house to announce that we did it! We had hit the unattainable £25k just by asking for help! And then, as we promised if we hit target, we shaved Ziggy’s head 🙂

So thanks to you, for your kindness and selflessness for donating what you could, big or small. Every single penny will be used wisely and helps to get us fighting fit for the years ahead. It won’t be the last time we will need to ask for donations, as that’s part of our ‘business plan’ as it were, but such a large sum will give us the breathing space we need to carry on.

From me, Devin, Jani, Ziggy and all the crew and volunteers at The Art House, with thanks.

P.S. If you want to help sustain us on an on-going basis, you might like to join our Patreon community which donates a monthly amount to help cover such things as our room-hire costs for community groups that can’t always guarantee a minimum number of people, for example. Find out more here:

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