Fundraising and the current Covid-19 slump

WE DID IT! In February 2020 we raised an amazing £25000 to meet our shortfall for 2019-20 and save our venue, plus give us breathing room for making changes to our business model and secure our future.

A big part of that model will be community support just like the fundraiser – in the form of regular donations via PayPal or Patreon, in-person donations, fundraising gigs and other measures to raise the money it costs to open our venue.

This week highlighted how vulnerable and unsustainable our previous model of relying on café income to fund our space is, with a huge drop in customers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This looks likely to impact us and many other venues for some time to come.

We will be holding an online art auction, a raffle and are looking at online events we could run to keep providing art and connection to our community whilst all of this is going on.

A lot is uncertain and evolving all the time.

What we do know is that, without the generosity of our community in February, we would be facing a serious crisis right now. Our hand-to-mouth existence would have meant we needed to make up a shortfall for this week alone and for weeks or months to come .

So, we continue to ask our community to support us in any way you can, be it a small one-off donation or a regular contribution.

If you want to help, please make a one-off donation with PayPal here

Join our Patreon community here.

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Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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