Covid update

Covid update.

Today’s announcement by the govt about earlier closing times for pubs etc will not impact our planned activities as we already had an earlier finish time to reduce contact.

In addition, we have 2m distant seating, staggered booking times for diners and enhanced cleaning procedures as well as a new ventilation system to keep air flowing through the space. We are only using our downstairs area which has more room and higher ceiling / better ventilation.

We are a mask positive space and are taking Covid very seriously.

All of our decisions are guided by the safety and well-being of our crew and community. The balance we hope to strike is providing a space to get healthy food and a change of scenery for mental health and social contact with being safely distanced from others. We are keeping a close eye on local infection rates as we move forward.

At the moment we are opening Weds 12-3pm for community café (drinks, cakes and snacks only) and Saturday 12-3pm for pay-as-you-feel lunch as well as set times for events and groups (see our events for details).

Our programme is small audience in-person events with an online component and online-only events. Our food delivery and collection service continues alongside eat-in events.

Needless to say, the situation is starting to take a financial toll as our capacity is very reduced. You can support us by:

Ordering Art House To Go or paying forward some food for other people:

Coming to an online gig:

Joining our Patreon Community:

Or simply make a one-off donation of any amount, even the cost of a coffee!

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