The Travelling Talesman presents: Uncanny Undertakings // The Art House // 21.10.2023

Tales of Dark adventures, supernatural quests and spooky spells re-told by a master storyteller!

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Listening to a skilled storyteller like The Travelling Talesman is a captivating and immersive experience. He is passionate about each carefully curated and researched story, speaking with enthusiasm and energy. Using gestures, voices, and expressions, he brings the characters to life. You may well find yourself leaning forward, hanging on every word, and completely engaged with the tale.

His performances are intended to be thought-provoking, but they are also humorous and witty, making the stories even more enjoyable and entertaining. Excitement and anticipation, terror and suspense await you—always punctuated with much laughter and occasional heckling from the crowd!


What really sets him apart, though, is his research. He peels away layers of time to try to get to the ‘original’ tale, providing a fresh, nuanced perspective on classic stories. Often, he discovers that these tales seem to have emerged at multiple times in different parts of the world, apparently independently. The examination of the various versions, cultural contexts, and interpretations of the stories is one of the most fascinating aspects of his shows. He also explores their contemporary messages, shedding new light on the motivations, desires, and conflicts of the characters and, ultimately, of ourselves.

Cliff dispels the myth that storytelling is ‘for kids’ (in fact, the recommended age for his shows is 16+)

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