About us

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The Art House is somewhere to meet, share and create.  


Community run, for love and not for profit, we provide a place which is out of the ordinary, a safe place, a place where art can flourish and be shared.

This is your space, as well as ours, somewhere you can meet up with friends, be inspired by a world class performance, learn something new, work in a corner on your laptop or just have some lunch!

Visiting is like dropping into a good friend’s (slightly quirky) house – informal, relaxed, an oasis from the busy pace of life.   You can curl up on a sofa with a book, or gather around one of our big tables for a meal, or sip wine and listen to some music.

We’ve worked to provide an accepting, comfortable space where anyone who wants something a just a little different from the mainstream can feel right at home.

At the same time, we are committed to excellence in our food, service and providing you with a great overall experience of the space.

Most of our crew are volunteers, who give their time to make the space run smoothly and create a wonderful experience for you when you visit us.

Watch one of our founding Directors, Jani, talking about The Art House in this short video.

Would you like to meet the crew?  Click here

To read more about the story of how we got here, visit here


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