Information for hirers, organisers and facilitators

Thanks for using The Art House for your event!

Please read the Fire safety information before your host your session and let us know if you have any questions about this.

Please read our Safer Spaces agreement

Accessibility and family friendly info

Terms and conditions for outside groups, hirers, workshops & events at The Art House

This code applies to all hirers, groups and workshops which are hosted at The Art House.  

We have put this code in place to ensure that all people using The Art House are protected and that the aims of our organisation are upheld.

All organisers, facilitators and participants in groups and workshops must agree to follow these rules of conduct, and they may be asked to leave and future bookings cancelled should they not.

1) Groups and workshops are an integral part of our mission as an organisation.  The primary aim of any group must be to enable the fulfillment of individual potential.  Groups which meet here must be in harmony with our mission and not engage in any activity that would conflict with The Art House ethics and aims.

2) To ensure that all publicity is accurate, facilitators and participants must check with The Art House directors before issuing or distributing any publicity which mentions The Art House.    

3) Facilitators will keep The Art House informed about any cancellations, changes of times or change in format of the hire, group or workshop.

4) Any partnerships or sponsors of events must be approved by The Art House directors.

5)  Please treat others with respect and dignity at all times, both at The Art House and elsewhere, including on social media sites.   Disparaging comments about the identity, creative efforts, culture, beliefs and lifestyle of anyone within the group are not acceptable.  Participants and the facilitator are also responsible for challenging any discriminatory behaviour.   The Art House has a zero tolerance policy towards hate speech and harassment of any kind.

6) Should legitimate disputes or concerns arise which the organiser cannot resolve, participants or the facilitator are asked to bring these issues to a director so that it can be resolved amicably if possible.

7) Hire fees are usually due in advance, unless another arrangement has been made. All hire fees must be paid by the end of the session at the very latest. If a group is using The Art House on an optional donation basis, it is generally understood that the facilitator or host of the group will make every effort to encourage donations in order to support The Art House’s costs.  If donations are consistently well below our usual room hire charge, we may need to review our arrangement with you.

8) The Art House public liability insurance covers most of our usual activities (art, performance, social groups and parties), however you may as a hirer need to provide your own public or professional liability insurance for other activities – please check with us if you are unsure.

9) The Art House policies apply to all users of the venue.  All policies can be viewed here or requested in printed form from one of our directors or co-ordinators.

10) Room hire includes 30 minutes setup and packdown time, unless otherwise agreed, please leave the space in the same state you found it in, return tables and chairs to the sides, dispose of any rubbish etc. 

11) Participants and hirers may not bring their own food and drink to The Art House, with the exception of those hiring the kitchen who must only bring and prepare vegan food, or props for shows which must be vegetarian. If catering is required, please contact us to arrange this.

In this code – 

Group/workshop or event is used to describe any organised activity or meeting.

Facilitator/Host is the person organising, hosting or running the group.

Participant is anyone who is present during the group.