Information for veggies and vegans

The Art House cafe serves only vegetarian food and drink, with most of it also being suitable for vegans.

We realise that looking for meals to eat out in a place you can trust is very hard on a vegetarian or vegan diet!

To reassure all veggies and vegans visiting our place, here is our position on vegan and veggie food and products.

We are primarily an arts venue, not a ‘veggie or vegan cafe’ or organisation, and from the outset we’ve wanted to reach as wide a cross-section of our community as possible, rather than specifically target the veggie/vegan community only as customers.

This is why we won’t come across in exactly the same way as many veggie or vegan organisations do.   That doesn’t mean we aren’t very serious about this lifestyle!

Being an ethical space it has always made sense to keep meat off the menu and to have a lot of vegan options.   Vegan food has a far, far lower carbon footprint than meals containing animal products and we worked out that, by feeding people in this way, we could make a surprising contribution to carbon reduction.

One of our Directors, Ziggy, who has always been the ‘Food Director’, is a long time vegan and came on board to found The Art House because she saw an opportunity to do what she does best – promote vegan food by giving people delicious plates of it to enjoy.

So, here’s the current situation:

Our recipes and are devised and all ingredients are checked by two vegan chefs and our kitchen has no dairy used in it at all.

Food is served from the cafe (where we prepare plates of food to go out once it comes down from the kitchen) and has optional dairy items which can be added to just a few of our meals if wanted, but all meals can be made vegan. We don’t use eggs here at all.

We’re so proud of the fact that we’ve been able to do this and keep a very, very high standard of freshly cooked, minimally processed food on the menu.

Unlike many places who claim to serve veggie or vegan food but are careless (or downright dishonest) about it, we are committed to making all our food fully veggie – we are vegetarian society approved – and as much of our menu as possible vegan, whilst still remaining able to cater for our (mostly not even veggie!) customers. We’re always trying new plant milks and cheeses in the ardent hope of finding ones which ‘pass’ with non-vegans well enough for us to replace dairy altogether.

Although our crew are a spectrum of veggie, vegan, omni and flexi, all co-ordinators are hired on the understanding that they are supportive of veggie and vegan lifestyles and all are fully trained in catering for vegans.

Our Sundays roasts are always 100% dairy free, so are our soups, all our specials and the sausage rolls!  Oh yes, the cakes too.