Cafe Bar Menu

Our licensed cafe bar is open during most events

Our coffee is a special blend made for us by SO: Roast Coffee, a local roasters who source their beans ethically and roast in small batches for maximum freshness

Americano  2.95
Latte  2.95
Espresso single 2.45
Double 2.95
Cappuccino 2.95
Mocha 3.15
Hot chocolate 3.15

Add flavoured syrup 50p

Bring your own cup for takeaway – 50p discount

Our teas are Fairtrade where possible and our range changes regularly, ask for what we have available today

English breakfast tea for one 2.65
for two 3.45

Speciality tea for one 2.65
for two 3.35

We usually have Rooibos, Peppermint, Green Tea, Assam, Earl Grey, Chamomile and a range of Yogi Teas 

Cold drinks

Fentimans botanical sparkling drinks 275ml         2.75
(please ask what we have in at the moment)

Fruit juice 250ml.      1.95
Orange / Apple

Ginger ale 200ml    1.95

Cakes and snacks
All of our cakes and snacks are suitable for vegans and baked fresh, please ask for today’s selection

Loaf cake slice 2.95   
Brownies 3.45
Round cake slice 3.95
Flapjack/cookie 3.45


Orphir spiced London dry gin & tonic  4.95 double 5.95
Mermaid IOW small batch gin & tonic  5.45 double 6.45
Spicy rum & ginger ale 4.95 double 5.95

Ask for our current selection

Bottle 14.95
250ml glass 6.45
175ml glass 5.95
125ml glass 5.15

Beers and Ales

Beers and Ales 330ml 4.95

Ales 500ml  6.45
Lager 500ml 5.95
Stout 500ml 6.95

Brewdog Nanny State non alcoholic hoppy ale 4.95
Brewdog 330ml cans   4.95