Our Aims

The Art House is a for-purpose, not-for-profit Community Interest Company which aims:

* To provide a place where people can gather to make art and create
positive change.
* To use art, food, collective activity & learning to address our
social & ecological challenges.
* To remind people that they are conscious, powerful creators of their
lives & communities.
* To be run and financed independently of large scale funders,
corporate sponsors or government.
* To generate a thriving income without externalising our costs to the
detriment of people, animals and planet.

We do this by:

* Running a physical, publicly accessible community meeting space
* Serving food and gathering people together in formal and informal ways to learn and share ideas – often over cake!
* Living by example by standing by our aims and principles, even when it’s hard or costs us extra money, time and energy to do so.
* Actively engaging with our community in person and on social media, partnering with similar organisations and supporting campaigns which resonate with our purpose.

* Being funded by the people who use our space, whilst doing all we can to remain affordable to those on a lower income.
* Considering all of our suppliers and services, buying ethical, organic, local and recycled/upcycled wherever this is available.