We like to book musicians and other performers who have been recommended by our regulars, or who can offer something that fits in with our unique, intimate space.

If you are a band, performer or performance company and you would like to play here, please tell us about your act, and join our Musicians & Performers facebook group.

Performers really appreciate the informal atmosphere and attentive audience that our relaxed and quirky surroundings evoke.

4 Responses to Perform

  1. derek rogers says:

    hi we are a community SAMBA band ofabout 10 members We are loud and lively, would love to be considered to appeare at anything that you may be planning . With the world cup this year from BRAZIL our music is very apt.

  2. Love this idea, but we are quite a small venue 🙂

  3. G Floyd D says:

    Hello! Guy Davies here! Can anyone advise me how to get a ‘busking on the sofa’ slot at your establishment please? I live near Eastleigh and I am jolly keen to have the opportunity to deliver my songs. I am inspired by early Pink Floyd (hence the ‘Floyd’ in my alter ego name)
    Yours sincerely G Floyd D ( ; ; ; ; )

  4. Jane says:

    Hi Guy. I’ve sent you a message on Facebook. Hope to hear you soon.

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