What people are saying about The Art House….

“Nice little place you have here”
Son of Dave, bluesman

“The least Heavy Metal venue in Southampton”
Andrew O’Neillcomedian, metalhead, amateur occultist

“I’m a militant meateater, but that vegan burrito was f*ing fantastic”
Attila the Stockbroker, performance poet

“If you don’t stop bothering me, I’ll call the police”
Boothby Graffoe, very silly man

Tripadvisor excellence award 2011, 2012 and 2013

Rated in the top 10 budget eats for Southampton in The Guardian and consistently in the top 20 restaurants in Southampton on Tripadvisor, winner of Tripadvisor excellence awards every year since 2012.

What our visitors say:

“Just looking round and seeing the smiles and laughter as people interacted with each Trash Cocktail Garden Party (1)other certainly made me feel good that we had [chosen The Art House as our venue.] Between you all you ‘pulled out all the stops’ and give us an evening to remember for a long while.” — John

“Relaxed and intimate environment. I was welcomed by the host and the staff were all so friendly. We loved the real china tea cups and the quality food and drink.”
— Ali

“The music was fabulous. When we walked into The Art House I immediately felt calm, like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders- how very welcoming it was. I thoroughly enjoyed the music of both musicians…… I am not musical, but I am creative and I likened the music, with the different elements involved, to my ink drawing.”
Kate Woodley-Smith, local artist

“Really nice vibes, great thing you have going on there – WISH we had anything as good in my city”
— Susanna

“it’s really funky and chilled out. Clinical, repetitive chains be gone!” — Samantha

“Fabulous oasis of love and calmness, thank you” — Allen and Ann

“I’m so glad that I’ve finally found somewhere a little bit different in Southampton!”
— Charlie

“I …. was very comfortable in the wonderful surroundings. It has a very special atmosphere brought about I suspect by the gathering of like minded people who are more concerned with saving the planet than destroying it.” — Daphne


“Thank you to everyone in The Art House tonight. We had a lovely evening – the food was delicious and very well presented. We loved the fact that the salsa was in the shape of a heart on the burrito, and you managed to satisfy my ice cream craving.” — Pamela

“Searching for a place to lunch during a freezing March Sunday, we went to The Art House following Tripadvisor reviews. Usually we are not veggie people, but the food served here is just delicious, and you wont leave this place hungry! The athmosphere is very friendly, some people were eating or having a drink, a couple was playing society games while 2 guys were playing guitar around a coffee. Just try it, you wont be disappointed!”   Tripadvisor review

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