Sunday lunches

We had a dream, dear friends.

A dream of the perfect Sunday, complete with all the best bits of the Sunday roast lunch, without the animal products.

Our chef, Eadie, spent many happy hours experimenting and has come up with:

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

* The perfect vegan Yorkshire pudding
* Stuffing balls to swoon over
* Roast potatoes that are crumbly-crispy on the outside, soft-flaky on the inside
* A special seasonal dish each week, from creamy chestnut mushroom parcels to fennel and wild garlic in filo….
* Seasonal vegetables, steamed gently to keep the flavour
* Onion gravy – to die for!

This is served each Sunday, between 1pm & 4pm.

You will like 'em!

You will like ’em!


Adult main course only:  £9.50

Adult two courses: £12.95
(soup & main, or main & pud)

Adult three courses courses: £14.95

Kid’s portion £4.95
(smaller plate of veg, stuffing and Yorkshire for kids 10 & under)

Combined with live music, and a totally unique and laid-back atmosphere, we think this may be the best roast lunch in the whole world, ever.  You will have to come in and see if you agree!

Booking is a very cunning plan, so that we know to make enough roasties (homemade from scratch roasties take time, you know!):