The Art House Live

This exciting new project is a series of one off workshops showing the best untapped musical talent in Southampton.

Each workshop will work on 4 songs written by the participants, culminating in a live performance and recording, with the songs being made into a ‘Live’ Fundraiser album for The Art House.

The workshops and performance will be led by Songwriter/ performer Shaun Shears, critically acclaimed songwriter from the Edinburgh fringe.  He has been championed by the likes of Brit & MTV award winning artist Neil Finn OBE and DJ Seb Fontaine.

Shaun wants to showcase, in front of the Southampton community, the best fresh songs made up by some of the bravest and best songwriters have to offer – in aid of The Art House, culminating in a live performance and recording which will be available as a downloadable album.

The workshops will be held on:

Sunday 11 September from 12 – 5pm
Tuesday 20 September from 6 – 10pm

The performance will take place on Saturday 24 September with a rehearsal from 2 – 5pm and performance from 7.30pm

There will be no charge to take part but donations and help with promoting the downloadable album very welcome!

shaun shearsShaun, who is a wheelchair user, describes this project as

“A culmination of a three year dream, to pay back the Southampton community for supporting me to become better at the craft of art as a whole.  In regards to songwriting, we all start off with what we dream but the reality is different and greater than I could ever imagine. Without Southampton as a community I would not have achieved what I have. When I heard The Art House had a room wired for live sound, it made me want to pay all the support of the Southampton community forward – because without their support I’d be nothing.  People call me an inspiration, when it’s the support of our community that truly is, deep down. For those who take part or just come to watch I promise you a once in a lifetime opportunity – fly or fall let’s show the digital world what we can do!   Plus a brilliant crowd and some inspired performances would make for a great birthday present plus something to tell my kids when I have them.”