This season’s menu

We are committed to providing food that comes from as near to us as possible.  This means lots of creative planning and changing of of our specials, to make sure that the food on your plate is as fresh and low-carbon as possible!

Winter 2015

Our newest special is Forester’s Pie – a combination of ingredients and flavours you’d find in a late Autumn forest walk!


Forester’s Pie is a hearty combination of chestnuts, walnuts, chestnut mushrooms, cranberries and butterbeans in a deep filled puff pastry case.  The seasoning includes just a hint of smoked paprika, to remind you of bonfires in the woods!

We serve this with salads made from yet more local, seasonal veggies and a generous helping of locally made chutney.

This recipe was adapted from a Vegetarian Society one for ‘Woodland Pie‘ but we’ve changed it quite a bit 🙂