The Art House Wish List

Something we are firm believers in at The Art House is the art of upcycling, reusing, sharing and repurposing. You may have noticed our splendidly wonky arrangement of furniture and fixings, mostly pre loved, painting a rich history of our space all the way back from when we were situated in Bedford Place!

With this in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to write up a wish list of things we are looking for – big and small – just in case someone has something we need lying around, looking for a new home. This could cut down on what we have to buy new, always a bonus – and save us money, an even bigger bonus!



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Above: A slideshow of different things we have acquired over the years, pre loved, upcycled or otherwise!

Space is very limited in our little house so we can only accept offers of things we specifically need, we cannot hold or sell items given by donation unfortunately – this list is for things we need on a functional level 🙂

Small things:

  • Colour printer
  • Small table for outside dining

Big things: 

  • 6-8 person dining table for the Grove
  • Standard lamp for the Grove
  • Folding wooden high chair
  • Freestanding wash basin for the café

If you have any of the above, and are willing to pass them on to a new home, please send us an email at! Thank you!

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