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We are here to provide a space for grassroots creativity and welcome applications from anyone who wants to run an event here.Please read through this before you make your enquiry, as it makes the process much easier for you and for us!


All meetings, workshops and other events run at The Art House need to help us meet our aims as an organisation. This usually means grassroots, original, local art, music, performance and informal adult/family learning.

In order to remain inclusive to the whole community and reflect the diverse nature of our crew, we do not host events by political parties or religious groups unless they are open to all and not focused on promoting religion, spirituality or party politics.

We also do not usually host any activity which could be described as therapy or counselling, or spiritual (this would include tarot or psychic readings etc) rather than artistic or community-based.

As a community space, we are not available for private hires like birthday parties etc, as we prefer to keep the space available for public events.

If you want to have a smaller party here during our opening times, please contact us and we can book a table for you!


We get quite a lot of people wanting to run events here, so we have a deadline system in place to avoid overloading Jani, who manages the events.

As a loose guide, we take applications for new events around 8 – 12 weeks beforehand.

This will not apply to hires if you do not expect us to publicise your event in any way.


1) You can volunteer to run an event in partnership with us.

This is a good option for you if you want to gain experience running something, or just want to do it ‘for the love of it’, or are just starting out. It benefits the people coming, too, as we can keep charges affordable.

If you are volunteering to run an event here, we always cover all expenses – travel, materials etc – for and you will be entitled to a volunteer discount on any meals whilst you are running an event, plus we’ll keep you supplied with tea!

For partnership events, we will add the event to our listings, printed ‘what’s on guide’, mailout, Facebook and (if relevant) list it on external sites as well.  We will deal with enquiries and take payments, although you will have a responsibility to check that people have paid on the day by making sure they have hand stamps or other proof of payment.

If you are running a regular event on a voluntary basis here, you are treated the same as any of our crew – this includes access to training, social events, offers and discounts.

To apply to do this, please click here.

2) You hire the space from us

This is the best option if you wish to charge for your activity, or are being funded externally to run something.

Room hire charges and information can be viewed here, or contact us with your requirements for a detailed quote.

We will generally include hirers on our mailouts, what’s on guide and Facebook group and assist in promotion, as long as we have enough notice (usually 2 months or more) and are provided with the relevant information.

3) You can book a table

For a small meet-up of an external group, we can book a table of up to 8 people in our Grove or Cafe area , outside of peak times (i.e. not lunchtimes, evenings after 7pm or weekends).   Space will be subject to availability so you may not have the space every time, and other activities will be going on around you.

Please contact us if you wish to do this.  Regular bookings will be listed only on our online calendar.  If you wish us to promote your event for you, please apply to run a partnership event, or hire the space.

4) We can pay you a fee or arrange a fee split

This option is open on rare occasions to professional, experienced performers or facilitators.

Most of our events are informal, affordable and grassroots and will not fall into this category.

We have no special funding or surplus money to pay performers or facilitators, so your individual event proposal will need to demonstrate that it is financially viable on it’s own and may be subject to cancellation if minimum numbers are not reached.

If you would like to propose a paid/fee split event, please click here.


Weekly events are generally not possible, as they clash with our regular monthly events. An exception may be possible during the day on weekdays.

As a guide, take a look at our public calendar to see if anything is running on the dates you have in mind.

The Art House is always closed on Mondays.


The Art House is a unique, informal and welcoming venue ideal for groups, workshops, meetings, film screenings, music events and fundraisers. We are proud to be a space with high standards of ethics – from where we source our food to the furniture!

A hire charge usually applies for using the space, however this gives you exclusive use of the area you have booked as well as the option to publicise your event via our networks, if this is possible.

All fees go directly into the running of our nonprofit venue, providing a unique, community run meeting space for Southampton & the wider area, supporting artists and promoting ethical lifestyles.

Groups and individuals can hire space at The Art House, provided this meets our aims and objectives. Unlike commercial businesses, our main aim as an organisation is not to make money, and so some hire of the space would not be appropriate.

Whilst we can book tables for parties who are having a meal, we cannot guarantee a table or space for other non-hirers, especially at busy times. We expect all groups who are publicising their meeting here to let us know and make the appropriate hire arrangements with us.

We do not hire space to political parties, or to religious groups, who are using the activity to recruit new members or limiting participation to members of their political party or religious group. All use of The Art House is subject to meeting our aims and objectives and is entirely at the Director’s discretion.

General Information about the space

The Art House is a lively, informal community space which is most suited to creative activity and more relaxed events. We are mostly staffed by volunteers and furnished with reclaimed furniture and equipment. We offer a very different kind of meeting space to a more well-equipped, formal space such as a hotel conferencing room and our rates reflect this!

We are a city centre venue and so there is background noise from the road outside and from other people visiting us.  You are generally expected to set up yourself and to leave rooms as you find them although our helpful crew will assist as much as they can.

Other info

Sale of food and refreshments is one of the main ways in which The Art House pays the rent and stays open!

It is generally not possible for participants to bring their own food (with the exception of food for babies or those with severe allergies, or strict religious requirements) to events – we can cater for your budget, please contact us for more details. If you do arrange to bring your own food, or bring food for babies, please note that strictly no meat or fish may be consumed on the premises.

Spaces which are available to use are:-

The Grove

Suitable for groups of up to 17, depending on the activity, this is a quirky space on the first floor, ideal for workshops or meetings. Facilities include tables, chairs and comfy sofas! This space has what we affectionately refer to as ‘mood lighting’ so may not be suitable for some activities which require bright lights.

The Grove is available at ‘off peak’ times, in the evenings after our opening hours, and on some Saturdays/Sundays during the day.

This area is by the kitchen, so is not private and will have crew going through it except in the evenings, when it can be screened off if you wish.

The Gallery

Suitable for groups of up to 35, depending on the activity, this space is great for classes and workshops, as well as larger meetings. The Gallery is available during our opening hours and in the evenings. Noisy activities are not possible when the café is open though!

The area is semi-private and can be curtained off if you wish.

There is a flipchart which you can use when you hire the Gallery, however you must bring your own paper and pens.

The Gallery is only available for exclusive use by payment of a set room hire fee. There is a PA, projector and screen which are hireable at an additional rate.

Please note that if your activity is likely to ‘spill out’ from the gallery area, or requires quiet, you will need to hire the whole 1st Floor.

None of the spaces are 100% private and we do not feel that the Art House is suitable in general for groups which are dealing with confidential issues, or where people attending may be feeling particularly vulnerable, or if you need quiet.

We are a family friendly space, but not suitable for children-only activities.

Our opening hours are:-

Tues 12 – 5pm

Weds 11am – 10pm

Thurs 11am – 10pm

Friday 11am – 10pm

Saturday 12 – 10pm

Sunday 12 – 5pm

We are closed on Mondays and a full day hire rate would apply to use the space.

Accessibility information

The ground floor is wheelchair accessible with a level entrance and wide front door.

There is a bell to ring for assistance in opening the front door if needed. The toilet is on the ground floor, although we do not yet have disabled toilet facilities The first floor is accessible via a wide staircase with a banister.

Booking the space

You will generally need to give us a minimum of 2 weeks notice if you want to hire the space.  If you want your event included in our publicity, we will need at least 2 months’ notice.

Safety and Security

For safety and security reasons, a trained duty co-ordinator will need to be on site at all events. The organiser will be briefed on our fire safety procedures by the Duty Co-ordinator, and you have a responsibility to pass this information on to people attending your workshop/event.

MAGIC HAT explained – For groups which are not charging a fee, or are by donation, participants/organisers may be asked to make a donation at the till when they arrive.

Please note that if the amount in the ‘Magic Hat’ consistently falls below our standard room hire for the space you are using, we may need to review this, and ‘Magic Hat’ is not available for use of the gallery, PA and projector or for filming in the space.

* At present we are not accepting any more ‘Magic Hat’ groups, sorry!

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