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The Art House is a nonprofit venue and around 20% of our income is from one-off and regular donations. The support of our community keeps us going – we’ve been doing it for 11 years! 

We have just launched Patreon community with special rewards for people who donate monthly. From as little as around £2, you will be able to join and become part of The Art House story. To take a peek here to find out more.

The Art House exists to give Southampton a vibrant hub of creativity, community and world-changing grassroots ideas.

We’ve been here since 2008 and hosted hundreds of events, meetups, planning meetings, groups and workshops in everything from swapping seeds to maintain biodiversity to musical theatre and Masai beadwork.

To make a one-off donation via PayPal now, click here.

As a city centre venue, our cafe – which is the main income generator for the space – is quieter in the summer as folks head off to festivals and on holiday and students go home.  So, to counter this, we have run a fundraiser every summer to ask our community to support us so that we can keep supporting you.
In previous years we have raised a total of over £30000 through these donations each summer, enabling us to cover our running costs, promote our events, improve our space and keep running so that we are here to give you a warm welcome at all times of the year.
This year we have the biggest target yet!
You can donate here using PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account, you can just use a card)
The funds raised will cover, to start with, our basic running costs like rent, rates, utilities and insurance … as well as keep us in good repair and allow us to let our community know about events through advertising.
Our stretch goal is £12000 – as we have done so well, we have decided to go for this amount! 
Donations have this delightful habit of adding up, so no amount is too small … contribute anything from £1 to however much you can and help us reach our goal!

The Art House is not for profit and part of our income is from donations from those who support us.

There are many ways to send us money and no amount is too small – click here for details of ways to donate other than the PayPal link. 

More about why we fundraise

The Art House does things differently.  We have high standards of quality and ethics in our food and drink, right from the start of the supply chain to the way things are prepared on site.

We offer organic, fair trade, locally sourced as much as possible – not just a few token items for marketing purposes but almost everything meets these standards.  Basically if there is an ethical choice, we choose it.

We also do not buy from irresponsible suppliers (even though they may be cheaper), preferring to support organic growers and workers co-ops like SUMA and Infinity, or more locally Rice Up and Sunnyfields Farm.

To do this, we spend an estimated 80 – 100% more on supplies* than most other local cafes.  We also pay our paid staff the National Living Wage (the real one!) and provide flexible working, higher holiday entitlement and other benefits to make sure they are well and happy.

At the same time, we want to be accessible to as many people as possible.  We believe that it’s not radical or revolutionary to open our doors only to those who are relatively well-off.

Our prices are comparable with other places who do not hold to the same standards we do.

In order to do this, we have a team of volunteers who help in the cafe and kitchen.  This helps to enable us to offer quality food and drink for a comparable price to any other local cafe.  We also allow groups to use the space for events, meetings, workshops and performances for a reduced rate – in some cases by donation.

We receive no funding at all from Government, the Council or Arts Council (or anyone else) for our day-to-day running costs.  It costs us about £1.50 per minute to stay open and ALL of that money comes from you, the people who use us.

Patrons and people making one-off donations aren’t just an optional extra for us.  Without this support, The Art House cannot exist.

Can you show your support with a donation?  You’d be surprised the difference it can make.

£40 would pay our rent for today

£20 would pay for our recycling and other waste collection this week
(We pay extra to recycle more than any other cafe business in our area)

£15 would pay our electricity bill for today (we use Ecotricity by the way)

£10 would cover our phone bill for this week (we use Phone Co-op)

You can donate any one-off amount here

It’s even possible to make a regular monthly donation and join our select group of patrons who do this, chipping in each month to give us a regular boost.

We know that many of the people who love us aren’t wealthy folks, but we believe in the power of lots of small acts of generosity – even £1 helps!

Your donations = love and your love is what keeps our doors open, we don’t get funding for our running costs from anyone but you, the people who support us.

Any amount makes a difference and has the added bonus effect of making all of us feel appreciated and supported by our community.

Which, even more than the money, gives us the strength to keep running The Art House and serving you, the people who need this space.

Make a one-off donation to support us here

Become a Patron and donate a regular monthly amount here.

The Art House is not-for-profit and all the income we make goes back into meeting our aims.   There are no owners or shareholders taking a cut, it all goes back into the necessities of keeping us open.

* This is based on random price comparisons at Wholesalers used by other local places

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