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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle but most of all: RESIST.

Jani here! I want to address the notion that we can stop climate change with small, consumer-based collective action. Now – I do take individual actions and always have, mainly because I’m white, able-bodied, in good health and middle class … Continue reading

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More than socially responsible – socially purposeful!

Since we started back in 2008, and even before that when Bik, Ziggy and I ran not-for-profit events elsewhere, we’ve seen some big changes in how businesses are run. When we started, we were (I’m pretty sure) the only place … Continue reading

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Taking risks on unknown artists (or Burritos = Art)

Something that we are very fortunate to be able to do, as a not-for-profit venue, is take a chance on new or unusual artists. Whether it’s hosting somebody’s very first exhibition to showcasing a scratch performance destined for the Edinburgh … Continue reading

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Sorry, we won’t serve you……

English law on alcohol sales is very clear – licensed premises are not allowed to serve somebody who is already intoxicated. However, a study showed that in 84% cases of attempts by actors pretending to be drunk, they were served in … Continue reading

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Rant alert – why is culture and heritage expected to be free?

Why are culture and heritage, in particular, expected to be free? A rant, by Jani. We love culture and heritage, we do.  Often, we post about the things going on in Southampton, particularly in the Cultural Quarter, which is our … Continue reading

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Politically gentle – but not politically naive

In a survey we are doing at the moment, in the comments section, one of the people responding said that they felt The Art House was ‘politically naive’ in the face of the big global changes we are going through … Continue reading

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It’s not customer service: you are SEEN

Most companies run customer service training, and so do we. There’s a difference between what we do and what most places do, though. We train our crew to see people. Yes, that sounds obvious doesn’t it? The plague of our … Continue reading

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There are no passengers on planet Earth, only crew.

Ultimately, the whole purpose of our space programme may well be to help us “transcend our sense of separation.” We are, as the man says, quite literally, stardust, but there are so many forces trying to separate us from this … Continue reading

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Old man in my house.

In one form of Pidgen English, a piano is called “Old man in my house, you hit him white teeth he laugh, you hit him black teeth he cry.” One of the first items to enter the Art House, even … Continue reading

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Far away/so close – the joy of intimate gigs

Bik and I popped up to Brighton this past Sunday for a wonderful night, affectionately ‘Pynnstock’ – an evening of Nick Pynn’s music, with lots of great performers on stage with him. It was great, and we had seats quite … Continue reading

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