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Bringing inspiration, art, ethical food and creative joy to our city since 2008.

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If you are looking for a place that’s different from anywhere you’ve ever been, a place that welcomes the unexpected and unusual, you will feel very at home here. 

We are staffed mostly by volunteers so you can get involved in that way, too!

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Three Monkeys is a monthly event where Steve Lowis and The Art House introduce some of the best acoustic musical talent around. The format is ‘in the round’ with all three acts on stage together, taking it in turns, one song at a time. This month features: Steve Lowis | Jess Vincent | Deirdre Faegre. BOOK NOW


Folk trio TEYR (‘3’ in the Cornish language) evolved out of the London session scene, combining their multiple instruments and voices in every innovative way they can muster. Heavily influenced by the great Irish, Scottish, English and Cornish musicians who’ve come before, they’ve honed their craft and thrived on weaving diverse threads together. BOOK NOW


Rory has played harmonica and guitar with ANI DI FRANCO, MICHELLE SHOCKED, MICHAEL FRANTI, TOWNES VAN ZANDT, BUTCH HANCOCK, with the West-African guitarist ALI FARKE-TOURE and TAJ MAHAL; and Madagascan group TARIKA. He’s enjoyed creative collaborations with HASSAN ERRAJI, KATHRYN TICKEL and PAUL RODDEN- virtuosos, respectively, of the Moroccan Oud, the Northumbrian pipes and the Irish banjo. BOOK NOW


Spitdust produce experimental, atmospheric music, drawing influences from an eclectic mixture of contemporary english folk, world and country music. Expect a surreal, dream-like journey deep into the fields and hedgerows of the British countryside! BOOK NOW


Legends of shape-shifters, both eager and unwilling, are scattered through all cultures and times. Whether echoes of forgotten tribes or symbols of psychological trauma, The Travelling Talesman has tracked down the finest of these half human tales for your entertainment. BOOK NOW


Consisting of members of the University of Southampton Folk Society, Threepenny Bit formed early in 2011 blending traditional dance tunes and contemporary sounds into a fresh interpretation of folk music with infectious stage energy for concerts and ceilidh dancing. “Bursting with Energy” – Martin Chilton, The Telegraph. BOOK NOW


To us, rats often represent the underbelly of place. Rats may well feel the same about us. With the aid of a variety of instruments, Mike will tales of rats, rot and ruination, tales that wiggle and twist beneath the surface of Hampshire. This is strictly for adults only (sorry kids.) BOOK NOW


TwoManTing are a duo playing Sunshine Afro-roots featuring live looped bouncy African guitar licks, djembe, and songs sung in Krio – Jah’s native tongue from Sierra Leone. They were formed in 2004, when Jon Lewis and Jah-man Aggrey were working together in world/dance band Le Cod Afrique, performing at the likes of WOMAD, Montreux Jazz Festival and Glastonbury. BOOK NOW


Prof E, the finest purveyor of chap-hop rap stylings returns for what will will undoubtedly be a splendid evening of Earl Grey, fine trousers, and chronologically challenged orang utan butlers… …and if that wasn’t enough we also welcome back Ichi, the Japanese experimental multi-instrumentalist who takes the notion of a one-man-band to new limits combining handmade instrument inventions with steel-drum, ping-pong balls & tape-loops. Look out for his recent 3rd album ‘Maru’ complete with all manner of found-object-sounds and guest vocals. BOOK NOW


About a year ago, author and journalist George Monbiot wrote an article for the Guardian on the personal and social effects of loneliness that quickly went viral. His first inclination, to write a book on the subject, soon gave way to the idea that the topic might be better conveyed through song. With this in mind he approached folk singer and songwriter Ewan McLennan and suggested a collaboration. BOOK NOW

These are just some of the things going on at The Art House – we also have a busy programme of regular events, groups, workshops and live music. (and here’s what you missed!)

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