Welcome to The Art House in Southampton

Grassroots Art Venue, gigs, workshops, meet-ups, gallery, space for hire with licensed bar & vegan café / coffee lounge – Southampton.

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* A jam-packed calendar of music, spoken word and much more.
* Clubs and groups to join where you can share interests with like-minded folk
* Crafts, Zines, prints, books and original art by local artists for sale
* A preloved gender-neutral clothes Boutique
* An award-winning, licensed cafe, open daytimes and during events for food and drink (click here for our opening times and menu)

We are currently fundraising to allow us to restructure for our future, with a simpler cafe menu (still delicious, still vegan) and even more focus on events. Find out more about our fundraiser here.

Find out a bit more from some of our crew, in their own words:

So, if you are looking for a place that’s different from anywhere you’ve ever been, somewhere that thrives on the unexpected and unusual, you will feel very at home here. You’re welcome to just come in and look around, ask questions – and don’t forget, we have an upstairs too!

To find out what’s happening here on our Google calendar with everything to browse and search and our Facebook Events Page.

Here are the next up-coming ticketed events via our ticket agent, Eventbrite:

Saturday 14 Mar,Hunting Hearts + Brasher, 7.30pm
Queer punk / Rock ‘n Roll / tickets from £5.05

Friday 20 Mar, Chimes & special guest The Bass Cadet, 7.30pm
Dubstep, trip-hop, D&B, tickets from £6

Saturday 21 Mar, Paul Mitchell, Corvus, Cliff Carr, 7.30pm
Equinox Folky Fundraiser, tickets from £5.70

Wednesday 18 Mar, The Art of the Final Farewell with Helen Corvus, 7.30pm
Special words when ordinary words won’t do

Creative funeral planning and death chat, tickets from £6

26 March, Jason Buck presents: Legends of Ancient Egypt, 7.30pm
Fundraiser for The Art House, tickets from £7.50

Wednesday 1 Apr, Foolin’ Around Comedy Open Mic, 7.30pm
Fundraiser for The Art House, tickets from £4.10

Friday 3 Apr, An Evening with Sophie Labelle, 7.30pm
Engaging chat with the creator of ‘Assigned Male’ comics, tickets from £5.50

Saturday 4 April Extinction Rebellion fundraising gig for The Art House, 7.30pm

Friday 10 Apr, BR James, 7.30pm
Soulful piano playing and vocal storytelling, tickets available online

Saturday 11 Apr, Spitdust & Teharli River, 7.30pm
Experimental folk, tickets available online

Wednesday 15 Apr, The Art of the Final Farewell with Helen Corvus, 7.30pm
Creative funeral planning and death chat, tickets from £6

Friday 17 Apr, Attila the Stockbroker, 7.30pm
Fundraiser for The Art House, tickets available online

Saturday 25 Apr, The Pearly Queen Cabaret, 7.30pm
Cabaret and bursleque, tickets available online 

Wednesday 6 May, Rob Gee presents: Death, a Romantic Comedy, 7.30pm
One-man show, tickets available online 

Wednesday 13 May, Daff Workshops – Dip Pen & Ink, 7pm
Art workshop in our first floor gallery, £15 booking advised

Thursday 28 May, Paul Richards: Harvey Greenfield is Running Late, 7.30pm

One-man show, tickets available online 

Hear what people who come to our events say…. (click to play silent slideshow)
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We don’t exist in isolation and one place doesn’t make a cultural city, so please go a see what else is happening in the City with these excellent services, and never miss a thing (because going out is the new staying in):

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