Welcome to The Art House

Your one and only creatively-inspired, community-run, organic, love-filled, not-for-profit, quirky, slightly wonky, homegrown, 100% original, local cafe / gallery / venue / home-from-home in Southampton, bringing inspiration, art, ethical food and creative joy to our city since 2008.

* Award winning, licensed organic cafe, open daytimes and evenings for food and drink (click here for our opening times and menu)
* Events calendar of world-class music, performance poetry, fringe theatre and more
* Clubs and groups to join where you can share interests with like-minded folk
* Crafts, Zines, prints, books and original art by local artists for sale
* A preloved clothes Boutique

If you are looking for a place that’s different from anywhere you’ve ever been, a place that welcomes the unexpected and unusual, you will feel very at home here. 

We are staffed mostly by volunteers so you can get involved in that way, too!

Here are some event highlights coming soon…
(There is also a full calendar of events here)


The coolness level at The Art House is set to Awesome for another Three Monkeys lineup, so get on your tricycle and come and listen as our three acts take it in turns, ‘in the round’, to peal away six new songs of their own making. No bananas. Steve Lowis will be there with his cloth cap making sure there’s no monkey business, and Bik will be behind the sound desk making sure you hear no evil. Just £5.20 advance (£8.30 on the day.) DISCOVER MORE & BOOK


A special story session, combining mindfulness, guided meditation and relaxation techniques with storytelling. Be part of a small group, where you can close your eyes and relax – sitting or lying down – for a calming, truly immersive storytelling session. Bring a blanket or something to keep you cosy and warm, while you’re relaxing and still, and feel free to bring a yoga mat, cushions or whatever will make you most comfortable for this story-meditation blend. DISCOVER MORE & BOOK


The Professor has created a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip hop and comedy, and is the man behind the world’s first steampunk rap album. His music charts subjects such as steam-powered flight, underwater discovery, and nice cups of tea. With a heart of brass and a fine pith helmet, he embodies the Victorian spirit of invention and exploration. His act has gone like clockwork at Steampunk events and music festivals around the world including White Mischief, the Steampunk World’s fair and The San Francisco Edwardian Ball. He was recently awarded Best Musical Act in the Brighton fringe as well as most Eccentric Englishman and most Eccentric artist. DISCOVER MORE & BOOK


Although there’s always been an element of music in his set, 2018 is the year when spoken word performer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Attila the Stockbroker prioritises his musical side for the first time after 37 years and over 3000 gigs primarily working as a poet. He’ll be touring all over the UK with his unique band Barnstormer. A description not used lightly. They literally don’t sound like anyone else. Barnstormer aim to do with early music & punk what the Pogues did with Irish music & punk. Attila describes their sound as ‘Roundhead Renaissancecore Baroque‘n’Roll’. There will be a spoken word set from Attila in the first half. DISCOVER MORE & BOOK

These are just some of the things going on at The Art House – we also have a busy programme of regular events, groups, workshops and live music.

What people who come to our events say…. (click to play silent slideshow)

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