#covid19 update

Although the mask mandate coming into effect this week does not apply to hospitality, we continue to ask all visitors to our pantry and takeaway to wear a face covering unless exempt. We also continue to ask folks to mask up when not seated at tables and to order at their table to avoid unnecessary mingling. We also keep our front and back doors open and have air extraction and a CO2 monitor to check we’re ventilating properly.

We will ask you to wear a mask when you come in and offer you one if you don’t have your own.

Our crew are all wearing face coverings and taking regular lateral flow tests. All of our paid crew have paid time off if they need to self isolate and have instructions to stay home if they have any suspicion that they’re unwell. This may sometimes disrupt our opening times, so please always check our page for updates.

Stay safe and well everyone – this is very exhausting but we know what to do and we’re doing it.

💉😷 ↔️🧼🙌🏻🧪 🪟

Please do not use this post as a forum to debate. Everyone who is impacted by this policy has been fully consulted and we require no more input. Thank you.

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Hunting Hearts & friends are back with Yuletide Queer!

It’s about time Hunting Hearts returned to The Art House, their last gig being the now famous beforetime bash with BRASHER in March 2020 a few weeks before the national lockdown.

They’re back, and ready to… reads notes… Deliver you into a world of festive cheer? No, that can’t be right. They’re in the house presenting a laid back, intimate gig with old friends (Felix Russel) and new friends (Artemis), showing off some of their songs in a bit of a different context than you will be used to as a special Yuletide treat. So, bring your worst Christmas jumpers, it’s time to bring the trans agenda to Santa Claus.

Expect something a little like this:

Artemis are a 4 piece from Southampton usually known for powerful vocals, slammin’ riffs and sick beats, but we have invited them to tame their fury tonight for this one time special set… Expect some groove, chills, and thrills.

Felix Russel is a singer-songwriter from Southampton, using his teen angst for good by singing songs about toe fungus and heartbreak – we can’t think of anything more festive.

Join them in person (capacity limited to enable social distancing, so book early!) or online on Saturday 18 December 2021 in our downstairs #Bunker178 performance space.

Book here



  hours  minutes  seconds


Yuletide Queer

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Transgender Day of Remembrance 20 November 2021

Local groups have arranged a vigil at the Queens peace fountain on the evening of 20 November 2021 from 7pm

They will be holding space at the Peace Fountain and reading the names of those we have lost this year in remembrance – everyone please begin gathering from 6:45 for a 7pm start. Please remember that Covid is still a risk to people and to please allow for social distancing.

After the vigil, we’ll be hosting a poetry open mic from 8pm at The Art House. Booking is essential as numbers will be limited for Covid safety. Book here

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What’s on for the rest of November 2021

A quick rundown of what’s on for the rest of this month:

Our community pantry and cafe will be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 11am – 3pm serving hot & cold drinks, cakes and snacks, with pay-as-you feel soup, toiletries, groceries and clothing available.

Friday 19 November, doors 7.30pm / show starts 8pm – in person and online
Professor Elemental – book here

Saturday 20 November, doors 8pm – in person only
Transgender Day of Remembrance poetry open mic
Book here

Saturday 20 November 8pm – online only
The Travelling Talesman presents: Pages from Books Never Written
Book here

Friday 26 November, doors 7pm / starts 7.30pm, in person & online
Moving Voices Poetry & Song open mic with host RKP and special guest Aanka Batta
Book here

Saturday 27 November 1 – 3pm
Abolitionist Futures reading group
More details and booking here

Saturday 27 November, 8pm – online only
Lexi Wolfe presents: Mrs Oscar Wilde

Book here

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A reminder of why our pantry is so important right now

Jani here – I’ve just been catching up on emails after being in the kitchen making soup yesterday. I wanted to share one of them with you. I have also shared the recipe for the soup to our Patreon supporters here.

Somebody who works for the local Steps to Wellbeing contacted us, asking for more details about the pantry. They said that they are getting ‘more and more clients who are struggling to live on Universal Credit now that energy prices are rising and the uplift has ended.”

Asking for more info on when the pantry is open and what we provide, they said  “It might be a Godsend for some of my clients.”

We anticipate our pantry being very much needed over the winter, so thank you to every one of our supporters who enable us to keep it open and stocked up! 

Support the pantry with a regular donation by joining our Patreon community here.

Make a one-off donation of a hot drink, meal or groceries here.

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Covid update

Quick #Covid update: we have never dropped masking or social distancing in our space, so we will continue to limit numbers, keep performance times short with ventilation breaks and encourage masking and lateral flow testing. We are keeping an eye on the local situation to decide how we run events this winter, but anticipate keeping these measures in place until spring unless things improve unexpectedly over the coming months.

Some of our upcoming events will be more self-directed in terms of how people choose to sit / stand, rather than set tables/seating in bubbles as earlier in the year, but there will be space to stand away from others or move your seating to facilitate distancing. Where practical we have doors open front and back during events, and CO2 monitoring and extraction to make sure ventilation is good.

Take care everyone! ❤️

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About our Community Pantry

A one minute video introducing you to our Community Pantry and how you can support it.

Find out more here

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Jani’s birthday!

Jani is one of the founding directors of The Art House and has been co-running the space since we started in 2008.

It’s their birthday today and they have asked those wish to show some birthday love to do so in the form of donating the price of a card or slice of cake to our pantry. The target it to cover the £575 we just paid for our supermarket surplus deliveries until the end of November, and will give us over 1000kgs of food to share with our community.

You can pay forward here or just use our Paypal, we’ll tally it all up and report back tomorrow once Jani has enjoyed a day off for their birthday shenanigans!

If you can afford to chip a few pounds in, this would be a wonderful show of support – thank you!

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What’s on – Spooky Season edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and we have lots going on to get you enjoying the spooky season.

Thursday 21 October

Community cafe & pantry open 11am – 3pm

Red Tent wisdom & sharing circle for women and nonbinary people
7 – 10pm, more details and booking here

Friday 22 October

Community cafe & pantry open 11am – 3pm

Rory McLeod live in person and online
Doors 7.30pm, show starts 8pm
More details and booking here

Saturday 23 October
Community cafe & pantry open 11am – 3pm

The Travelling Talesman presents: The End of the World as we know it (in person & online)
Doors 7.30pm, show starts 8pm
More details and booking here

Sunday 24 October
Cafe open 12 – 4pm

Hampshire Vegan Catering Sunday roast pop-up
1pm & 3pm sittings, pre-booking only – more details and booking here

Wednesday 27 October

Sapphic Cafe Halloween Fashion Show
7 – 10pm
Spaces limited – please book here

Thursday 28 October
Community cafe & pantry open 11am – 3pm

Friday 29 October
Community cafe & pantry open 11am – 3pm

Moving Voices poetry & song open mic (in person & online)
With host RKP and special guests Typhoidmary and Mollie Russell
More details and booking here

Saturday 30 October
Community cafe & pantry open 11am – 3pm

Granfalloon – positive songs tour
In person with exclusive livestream to our Patreon community only
7.30pm doors / 8pm show starts
More details and booking here

Sunday 31 October

Hannah James & Toby Khun with (optional) pre show vegan roast
Doors 3.30pm, show starts 4pm
More details and booking here

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Our approach to veganism in our pantry

Waste and purity, or practicality? On our approach to supplying vegan food in our pantry.

Each week we have a delivery of supermarket surplus food diverted from bins, which we redistribute. Although most of it is vegan, occasionally non-vegan things slip into our delivery, as the volunteers who prepare our pallets aren’t always clear on what is and is not vegan.

We have decided that it is better this non- vegan food go to folks who need food than to be thrown away.

We never buy any non-vegan ingredients or products ourselves, nor do we cook with anything non-vegan in our kitchen, however we have a pragmatic view of preventing food waste.

A great many of the street community and others who use our pantry are not vegan and are happy to use non-vegan food when we get it, so if you see the occasional non-vegan item in the pantry, this is why!

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