Summer fundraiser update!

Just a quick one to let you know what is going on at The Art House this weekend and update you on our fundraiser. I have done a quick Facebook live update on our page if you want to watch it here.

Please donate here

Our fundraiser ends this Saturday 22 September and because of the overwhelming response to our shout out for donations on Monday we have decided to go for our stretch goal of £12000 – because we have faith that we can do this!

The extra will make it possible for us to get some repairs done, clear more payments from the summer slump and have some stability in our finances going into the winter.

Speaking of winter – I am in the Echo this week talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – breaking down some stigmas around mental health by speaking openly about my own experience.

Thanks again for your support, it truly was an overwhelming experience watching the donations flood in this week and to be able to be brave and go for our stretch goal!

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Summer Fundraiser – last week important announcement!

Hello 🙂 Jani here.

2018-09-18_1625I did a Facebook live update on our page a couple of hours to go with some exciting news…. thanks to a huge flood of donations yesterday totalling nearly £800, we are now only £806 away from our £10000 target!

So, to make things interesting as we approach the end of the fundraiser on Saturday 22 September, we’ve decided to go for our stretch goal of £12000 – wahooooooo yikes!

We have three fundraising gigs this week:

Tonight, Tuesday 18 September, Ash Ellis live in the cafe from 7.30pm, by donation

Tomorrow, Wednesday 19 September, Eric Walker & Steve Snow live in the cafe from 7.30pm, by donation


Saturday 22 September, Mary Jane folk in the cafe (ticketed event)
Get details and tickets here.


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What’s on in September at The Art House

Download a printable calendar here

Saturday 1 September

Science Room 12 – 1.45pm, by donation
Ethereal live in the cafe 1 – 3pm, free entry (donations welcome)

Sunday 2 September

Ash Ellis live in the cafe, 1 – 3pm, free entry (donations welcome)

Tuesday 4 September

The Art House on Board from 6.30pm, by donation

Wednesday 5 September

Le Cafe des Amis French language cafe, 12.30 – 1.30pm, by donation
Crafty Cafe drop in, 2.45 – 5.45pm, by donation
British Sign Language cafe 6 – 7pm, by donation
The Art House book club, 7.30pm, by donation
Daff workshops drawing 7.30 – 9pm, £10

Thursday 6 September

SO: Write women’s writing workshop, 11am – 1pm, free
Introduction to Crochet workshop, 4 – 6pm, £9.95 – book here
Southampton Story Club, 8pm, by donation

Friday 7 September

We are open 11am – 10pm

Saturday 8 September

Karaoke fundraiser & leaving party for Duncan, 7.30pm, £4

Sunday 9 September 

Sketchy Sunday, 12 – 3pm, suggested donation £3

Tuesday 11 September

Amy Scott-Pillow – The Hope, 6.30pm, free entry

Wednesday 12 September

Le Cafe des Amis French language cafe, 12.30 – 1.30pm, by donation
Crafty Cafe drop in, 2.45 – 5.45pm, by donation
British Sign Language cafe 6 – 7pm, by donation

Thursday 13 September

Red Tent Women’s wisdom sharing circle, 7pm, £6 – £10 book here

Friday 14 September

Jog.on.tacos pop-up at The Art House 6 – 9pm

Saturday 15 September

Granfalloon, 7.30pm, tickets from £5.20 – book here

Sunday 16 September

We are open 12 – 5pm

Tuesday 18 September

Greenpeace monthly meeting 6.30pm

Wednesday 19 September

Le Cafe des Amis French language cafe, 12.30 – 1.30pm, by donation
Crafty Cafe drop in, 2.45 – 5.45pm, by donation
British Sign Language cafe 6 – 7pm, by donation

Thursday 20 September

Introduction to crochet, 4 – 6pm, £9.95 book here
Photography group, 7.30pm, by donation

Friday 21 September

Three Monkeys music showcase, 7.30pm book here

Saturday 22 September

Mary Jane fundraiser, 7.30pm tickets from £5.20 book here

Sunday 23 September

Life drawing session 12.30 – 4.30pm, book here

Tuesday 25 September

We are open 11am – 10pm

Wednesday 26 September

Le Cafe des Amis French language cafe, 12.30 – 1.30pm, by donation
Crafty Cafe drop in, 2.45 – 5.45pm, by donation
British Sign Language cafe 6 – 7pm, by donation
Drumming with African Activities, 7pm, £10 – book here
Exposure film makers networking group, 8pm, by donation

Thursday 27 September

Introduction to crochet, 4 – 6pm, £9.95 book here
Rob Johnston guitarist, 7.30pm fundraiser for The Art House book here

Friday 28 September

Moving Voices open mic for poetry & song, 7.30pm, by donation

Saturday 29 September

ArtfulScribe presents: Susan Richardson, 7.30pm book here

Sunday 30 September

ArtfulScribe poetry workshop 12 – 4pm details and booking here

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Bank Holiday fundraising update!

The Bank Holiday weekend was lovely here at The Art House with Southampton Pride on Saturday, two performances of Oddbox Theatre’s ‘Closer’, Life Drawing on Sunday and our special Bank Holiday fundraiser.  We livestreamed quite a bit of it on our Facebook pageincluding the Pride parade in case you missed it!

Now for an update on our fundraiser!

We have raised a total of £7209 and have just over £2790 left to go to our £10000 target!  

If you are one of the 534 people who have donated or bought tickets for fundraisers so far, thank you so much – what a lovely example of collective support.

If you would like to help us with this final push, please click here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Did Ziggy get the shave?

We passed the halfway mark on Saturday evening thanks to a last minute £50 donation from one of our regulars 🙂

Here is the livestream on Facebook of the moment it happened – and Ziggy getting a head shave to celebrate!

Having hit the halfway mark is so encouraging and the funds have already been put to use to pay essential costs. Our final target is £10000 and we’re already on our way there with more donations having come in since the weekend. If you want to be a part of this amazing wave of community power, please click here.

Remember that small amounts add up so don’t be shy of chipping in a little bit.

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Is Ziggy going to have a close shave?

2018-07-27_1417A last minute update as we are just a few hours away from our first fundraising gig tonight and our deadline to hit the halfway mark with Ziggy promising to let me shave her head if we do!

We are currently on: £4488.34 so need to raise £511.66 by tonight so that Ziggy can feel cooler!

If you have already helped us with a donation, thank you so much! If you’d like to chip in now to support The Art House, please click here – you can also help by sharing using the buttons below. Remember that small amounts add up – if just 100 people chip in a fiver, we’ll be nearly there!

I’ll be live streaming at the start of our fundraising gig this evening to let you know if we made the target and I can shave Ziggy’s bonce and updating on our page all through the show…. so hopefully by the time we close later Ziggy will have a very cool head and we will have hit that target!

Donate now
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Fundraising update!

Jani has just done a quick Facebook live video sharing how we are doing with our fundraiser 🙂

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Fundraising update and Ziggy is going bald!

We have put together a lovely summer fundraising programme of music, story and even a singing workshop for August, thanks to the generosity of our artist friends who have volunteered their time to come and play for us. I’ve put all the details below – a great summer programme of top notch events, all support The Art House – go take a look!

2018-07-27_1417.pngOur fundraiser now stands at a total of £3515 towards our total target of £10000

Ziggy, who is known for her amazing gravity-defying hair, has promised to shave it all off if we reach the halfway mark of £5000 by our first fundraising event on Saturday 4 August! We’ll be keeping you updated and live streaming the shave if it happens!

If you have helped us with a donation, thank you so much!

If you’d like to chip in this week and help us reach our next milestone of £5000 and a bald (and probably lovely and cool) Ziggy, then please click here – you can also help by sharing using the buttons below.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page this week for more updates and news. Thanks again for your generous support! 

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle but most of all: RESIST.

Jani here!

I want to address the notion that we can stop climate change with small, consumer-based collective action.

Now – I do take individual actions and always have, mainly because I’m white, able-bodied, in good health and middle class so have always had the privilege that makes this quite easy to do.

But these days …. most of my energy goes into activism and exploring alternatives to capitalism, because cycling to work and recycling my rubbish isn’t even close to enough to address the looming crisis.

The sad fact is, we can all give up disposable straws and stop using glitter and buy canvas shopping bags and we’re still going to wipe ourselves out.

Green capitalism might kill us a little more slowly, perhaps (I’m not even sure it’ll achieve that), but it’s still going to kill us.

The green movement has made great, visible strides in more sustainable production and sourcing, and yet we are still careering into climate crisis – in fact it is already here.

So. What’s the plan?

There is a *very* good argument, especially for people with limited energy and/or higher levels of marginalisation and oppression, for saving one’s time, vigour and focus for social and financial activism and resisting the current upsurge of fascism, or just bloody existing in a world that says you shouldn’t, rather than spending your limited energy on that extra hour using a bus to get to work.

Personally, I have had the blessing of a background and circumstances that have allowed me to step out of the traditional labour market to carry out the social and financial experiment that is The Art House – using creativity and community and providing a physical space to address some of the bigger issues at a grassroots and personal level.

Every day we’re pushing it further and further away from the ‘status quo’ and yes, we recycle and compost, too, but that’s not our focus.

I’m not saying we’re perfect (we really aren’t) but, within the system we have, we are exploring a new way, we’re listening and learning and we’re sharing it with others who are doing the same. I hope we get to keep doing it – fundraising link in the comments 🙂

This is why we need to relax about people who need straws using disposable plastic straws – it’s hard to dismantle this system when you’re thirsty, folks. A lot of disabled activists are really working at the front lines whilst we ableds lecture them on why they can’t have a bendy straw because it’s ‘bad for the planet’.

For a disabled person, just existing is a powerful act of resistance to the same system that’s going to drive humanity to extinction.

Let that sink in for a second if it’s never occurred to you before.

We need to think bigger!

Rearranging the deckchairs and painting them green (with eco-friendly paint of course) and making sure the wood on the deckchairs is made from ‘sustainably sourced’ wood is just going to make this ship look a little nicer and ‘greener’ when it finally sinks.

And make no mistake – whilst middle class white folk stand around comparing green credentials, this ship is sinking. Fast.

This was never about what kind of things we buy or our personal habits at home. Those things are good, don’t get me wrong, but if they’re all we do …. we’re done for.

I urge everyone to get involved in whatever way you can with any organisation fighting against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism etc – because these inequalities prop up the current system waaaaaaay more than people who use plastic spoons do.

You can also support campaigns against parasitic corporations through organisations like Greenpeace (yes I know they are not perfect) or smaller, grassroots actions.

Resist, don’t just recycle.

The idea is to fight the *system*, not simply adjust our *buying habits* within the system – do you dig me?

Do it whichever way works best for you – but do it. Write about it. Share your discoveries along the way. Connect. Build resilience. Form communities. We’re all learning here. Dive in.

Also, and this is important, do the inner work.

Capitalism lives in your brain! Root that fucker out!

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Summer Fundraising gigs programme

We are currently working towards our summer fundraising target of £10000 and some of our friends have offered to perform here to support us and add to the total!  Throughout August, ending on 1 September, we have a programme of fundraising gigs happening at The Art House.

You can also donate directly to our fundraiser anytime here.

947135_10151386680065933_98849397_nFriday 4 August 
The Colourful Adventures of Merciful Grace (and Bob)

Steampunk creation Merciful Grace the mechanical maid invites you into a secret part of her life. You’ll meet her lifelong companion Bob the ‘not evil’ manbot, and watch as he sets in motion a very cunning plan, all because he wants her to stretch out her visits from 59 seconds exactly. Including a cast of steampunk inspired Bob’s. Sing-a-long ukulele songs and robot humour. No robots will be harmed in the performance, but we can’t vouch for the humans. I hope you like ukeleles.

This performance is child and grandparent-friendly and suitable for anyone from the ages of 7 upward. Book here for the colourful adventures! 

Sunday 5 August
Sunday Soul Session fundraiser

Come take some time out with us for some live soulful music.

We welcome you to spend an afternoon with us enjoying some of the Art house bohemia, in a reflective realm of neo soulful tunes, performed by our local talent.

This event is by donation to The Art House summer fund – please give generously! The cafe will be serving a range of organic vegetarian meals as well as super lovely beverages. For this night we have a special offer on for our fundraiser for pre-booked lunch

Thursday 9 August
Nina Rideout – Classical Guitar by candlelight cafe concert 

An intimate evening of solo guitar from Nina Rideout.  Come and relax, have a drink, or eat, to the sweet sounds of the classical guitar – candlelit, as sunset draws in. For this night we have a special offer on for our fundraiser for pre-booked suppers.

Saturday 11 August23172421_1462810240423457_6187097231474835808_n
Jason Buck – Storytelling fundraiser

Drawing on traditional favourites and introducing new ideas, Jason’s stories are told in the oldest and best ways – as live performances, for modern audiences and he has performed across the UK and mainland Europe, blending traditional and contemporary motifs, vocal sound effects and pure, unadulterated fantasy. Jason has been a performer most of his adult life, including gurning, comedy and sword swallowing, but his passion lies in stories – there’s nothing like getting lost in a story, the pictures in your head are better than film.  He is also unnecessarily tall and has a memorably large moustache.

An evening of fabulous stories for grown ups (and young adults) to raise money for the Art House. All ticket sales go to the Art House. Jason will be telling some of my favourite (own) stories and one that’s never been told before…   Ages 10+

Saturday 18 August 
Carrie Laythorpe – workshop and comedy cabaret

Carrie is a long time Art House regular, the first musician to perform on our trusty piano back in 2008! She has kindly offered to run a singing workshop followed by a comedy cabaret to raise money for our summer fundraiser.

Carrie performs and teaches many different styles of music, with expert knowledge of musical theatre, she teaches music privately and runs the Show Off choir in Chandlers Ford. The cabaret promises to be high energy, entertaining with audience participation!


Tuesday 21 August 
Chantelle Smith – Folk fundraiser 

While singing has been an ever present element of Chantelle’s life, she is a relative newcomer to the folk world.  Her main area of interest is folk ballads; the telling of a story through the medium of song and it is these that feature strongly in her repertoire.  Chantelle sings a capella, with her shruti box, guitar or with percussion; she’s slowly working on bringing her harp into the set too!  When it comes to ballads, Chantelle focuses on carrying the story across to the audience with instrumentation used to add emphasis and texture.

Tuesday 28 August

Southampton musicians Dave Miatt (guitar and vocals) and Laura Lamb (vocals) are Pegasuses, playing popular songs and folk songs – they have had a busy summer playing all around Southampton including supporting Band of Skulls at the Joiners earlier this year.

All proceeds raised will be donated to The Art House Fundraiser.





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