Fundraising gigs Ahoy!

Some lovely artists have offered their time to help us fundraise – here are the gigs 

Saturday 29 February 2020
12 – 10pm Minifest featuring live art, spoken word and music
Buy tickets for the evening event here

Saturday 21 March 2020
Equinoxy Folky Fundraiser with Paul Mitchell, Corvus and Cliff Carr
Book here

Thursday 26 March 2020
Jason Buck presents: Legends of Ancient Egypt
Book here

Wednesday 1 April 2020
Foolin’ Around April Fools Comedy Open Mic
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Albus Dumbledog shares (via his Mum) why he supports the fundraiser

Regulars Laura and David used to come in a few times a week with their very special dog, Eddie, who even had an Art House bandanna! (Now treasured as an Art House keepsake and sometimes worn by Alfie).

Sadly, Eddie has passed, but recent member of their family, Albus Dumbledog, has been coming in and meeting us.

Donate now here

“Albus already loves The Art House as much as Eddie did! Where else would he be allowed to attend so many events to snooze through whilst lying in everybody’s way?”

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Regular Annie shares why she is supporting our #notthelastfundraiser

I really hope the Art House stays open, that’s where I met the friends I have now (all my previous friendships seemed to revolve around weed and other drugs) about 8 years ago. It’s ideal for a first date, (safe, queer friendly and often has a friendly face around if you get stood up so you can chat).

I donated 20 quid last night and will be going to the fundraiser on the 29th and will donate more but the loss of the venue for things like TDOR and Pride- a safe space not focused on booze- is something the LGBTQ+ community in Southampton needs to still have, value and support.

Also bought some Dave Hubble art last night for the new flat.

Donate here:

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RKP poet & painter talks about why they value The Art House


If you’re like me when it comes to all things art, then you’ll agree that The Art House is a home away from home. It’s a place where we’re not just able to enjoy beautiful cups of tea or food, but where we are able to surround ourselves with Art, and engage with community that is more than supportive.

These kinds of venues, places, “homes” are now a dying breed.

Donate here

The Art House is a life line, and it needs our help.

Please join me in Southampton on the 29th February for NotTheLastFundraiser Mini Festival @ The Art House, for some hostin’ by RKP & Dave Hubble Poetry ❤️ on the Spoken Word Stage, there’s gonna be even more hosts with live art, music, poetry & wordsmithery.

All RKP’s merch will be on sale, all funds raised will be going towards the fundraiser.

There’s so much talent at this event, it’s mind blowing ❤️


Donate here

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Artist Jackie Eksi shares what The Art House has done for her

Over the years I’ve gone from occasional coffee drinker and art admirer to art exhibitor. From someone whose anxiety and dyslexia made me too scared to fill in application forms, to getting funding through the ‘a space arts’ Talent Development programme – and a big part of this was exhibiting my work in The Art House.

It has helped me link into the artistic network in the city, and given me the confidence to exhibit as a professional – everything from those pesky forms to how to present my work. With no other full-time gallery for local artists in Southampton, The Art House fills an essential niche – without it, there would be huge hole in our creative community.

Not only that, but it’s a place where the staff understand stories like mine, and the difficulties we face. It’s quirky, not part of the Identikit High Street, unique and irreplaceable. It’s part of the soul of Southampton. 

So I say, please save our Art House – I’m so grateful and thankful it exists, and it has to stay.

Donate here:

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Former volunteer Emily shares why The Art House is important to her

I volunteered at the Art House between the ages of 15 and 18. My world widened pretty drastically. I gained friends and life and work experience that I am still holding on to. It was a refuge for me through some very turbulent times. This is such an important space for the Community ❤️ I know I am far from the only one! Protect it Southampton friends ✊

To donate click here

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Aimee shares why they are supporting the fundraiser


listen my friends !!!

we can’t lose this magical space !!!

aside from the fact they employ me, the Art House was the very first place i found after moving away to university that truly felt like a safe place.

i didn’t grow up in a place with queer places or groups or even all that many openly queer people, and even now i’ve found more spaces and more friends The Art House remains the most welcoming, calming, uplifting place to just exist within.
and their sunday roast potatoes are the best i’ve ever had.

Donate here


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A short film about our #notthelastfundraiser

Nat of Do Right Digital Ltd was in last week interviewing some of us about the fundraiser and filming in the space – here’s a short film telling you more about the past and future of The Art House:

Huge thanks to Nat of Do Right Digital Ltd for making this film for us.

Donation link here

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Melanie, a regular, shares why The Art House is important

The Art House is many things but the main one is different, being a bit different myself it is hard to find a place outside of home where I feel I can just be myself without worry of judgement. Here, even though I was not typical of their clientele I was still able to relax and have a moment of stillness despite the bustle going on around me.

Find out more and donate here



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Seventeen reasons to Save The Art House – by Devin

Our newest Director, Devin, has been doing an (almost) daily reason why he thinks The Art House is worth saving.

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#1 We are one of very few places offering young people work experience where they are treated as equals and truly valued.

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Reason #2: Puppies, birbs, lizards and cool cats all welcome – we have had many regular non-human café volunteers and office helpers. Where else could I work with a parrot? I have seen so many cute puppies. So many.

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Reason #3: our queer af vibe – there are very few other places in the city I feel so comfortable being completely myself and I know I’m not alone

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Reason #4 ….We have offered a little slice of safety to many who, for whatever reason, find their home life to be difficult or unsafe. There is absolutely no way to put a price on that, to see the relief in someone when they know they can just sit down and relax somewhere.

Reason #5: what other job in Soton could I have where I could stand up for the Earth as much as I can at The Art House?

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Reason #6 to save The Art House: All the beautiful, amazing local artists who play at our place, some of whom you will see at this event… So many artists (Hunting Hearts included) have debuted at our humble art abode, somewhere comfortable to present that vulnerable first version of your creative self in a warm and welcoming environment

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Reason #7: We are a sanctuary for the community when we are all hurting; be it for Transgender Day of Remembrance, or a difficult day politically, we open our arms and our teapots. A place of comfort in trying times.

Reason #8: A place for art on the walls – somewhere local artists can display and sell their art, learn how to exhibit and get tips on how to move up to bigger exhibitions and galleries

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Reason #9: Sometimes a little dog called Alfie visits and he’s very cute. Our regular customers (human and non-human) and volunteers are like having a very weird and wonderful extended family

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Reason #10: My wonderful colleagues, past and present – dear friends, kind souls. I have been happy to get to know them, and would be happy to continue to meet the kind of people bold enough to work here

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Reason #11: The décor – homely, slightly wonky, built, adjusted, fixed and patched with love and gumption – the things we wish we had time to fix, and the ingenious solutions to ridiculous problems. But not the leaky roof

Reason #12: That our ethics permeates every aspect of our running, be it how little waste we produce, or what bank we use… From our energy supplier, to what we stock in our crafts, to where we order our booze and food from – we consider the source. Arms dealers, in our bank? No thank you! Anywhere we can, we reject cruelty and abuse to any creature at the expense of profit or convenience. We are not perfect, but we try as hard as we can to reduce suffering with our decisions.

Reason #13: The vegan roast dinners – a wholesome, filling and homemade staple of any Sunday. I spent a year having a roast every Sunday here when I was first a co-ordinator and it was certainly one of the highlights of that year!

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Reason #14: I can come in to work wearing whatever I want! You can come in and eat a falafel wearing whatever you want! I would like more time to explore my dreams of dressing more like a foppy dandy pirate.

Reason #15: Our offsite events – we have a regular spot at the South Downs Green Fayre, which is without fail an exhausting but fun adventure in the sun, usually involving scrummy burgers of some description (hot dogs last year actually) and definitely not any accidental pyrotechnics, ever

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Reason #16: My karaoke nights – usually held for departing staff members when there is time to do so, always a raucous and joyful event that ends in a big group sing along to something appropriately ridiculous

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Reason #17: The CAKE – I am not a big cake or chocolate person, but our cake is the best cake I’ve ever had, vegan or otherwise. Known for missing breakfast at home, you may often find me having a slice in the morning and it ain’t done me no ‘arm so far

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