The VAT man cometh (cue scary music)

Each summer, The Art House gets a little quieter than usual as people go on holiday, to festivals, hang out in their gardens and students go home for the summer.

Our expenses, of course, do not go anywhere for the summer and we have just paid the rent (yay) and have our usual VAT bill looming in August, so have raised our weekly target to £3300 total income, to make sure all keeps running smoothly and without things being too tight.

It often surprises people how much it costs to run a venue, we estimate we spend £1 for every minute we are open!  Providing a good, safe, ethical space and top quality organic food is not cheap.  We’re very proud that we choose more expensive ingredients over cheaper, planet-wrecking ones.

Ah, but the summer – we have such mixed feelings about it!

Jani even made up a little song, ‘Don’t forget us when it’s sunny’ –  it goes to the tune of the 1960s hit “Hello Muddah Hello Faddah” by Allan Sherman.

Do sing along!

Don’t forget us
When it’s sunny
It still costs us
Lots of money
To pay all of
Our expenses
When we’re empty it does nearly drive us senseless

We have ice-creams
We have smoothies
We have buskers
Sometimes movies
There is always
Somethine to do
And we’re always very happy to see you!

We have tables
On the pavement
In the sunshine
A nice arrangement
You can sip on
And make a new friend or two or four or three.

See some art and
Go to Beatnik
Buy some cake and
Have a picnic
Learn about ships
In Sea City
Or just sit in the nice parks, gosh it’s so pretty!

Don’t stay home
We promise we will feed you cake
And pour you lovely cups of tea
You will be missing out
If you don’t come and seeeeeeeee

Don’t forget us
In the summer
Or we’ll close which
Would be a bummer
Do not wait un
-til it’s chilly
To come in ‘cos that would really be quite silly

Anyhoo.  We hope you enjoy Jani’s fine songwriting talents there – so catchy!  Jani is scared witless of singing in public, but has promised that, if we hit our target all through July, she will record a video of herself singing this song.

How can you resist?

So, how can you help reach this target and release Jani’s singing talents on an unsuspecting world?

To improve our cashflow for July, we are doing a bonkers special offer on ‘Friends of The Art House’ cards.  These are a great way to show us your support AND save yourself money when you come to see us.

Find out more about the benefits of being a Friend here, or just apply for your card below!

If you can’t or don’t need a card, please do consider using the link in the sidebar of this blog to make a donation towards our ‘VATman Cometh’ July fund!

We rely on and hugely appreciate the support of all the people who come to see us – rain, shine and snow!

About arthousesouthampton

The Art House is a not-for-profit café, gallery and arts venue in the centre of Southampton. We are a place you can meet new people, meet up with friends or just come in by yourself. Our licensed café offers delicious organic lunches, Fairtrade tea and homemade cake. We also have a busy programme of events, workshops, and art exhibitions, a clothing and crafts boutique and lots more. Most of our crew are volunteers and you might even want to apply to join them. Come along and enjoy our unique, community run space.
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