The roll of honour – our October supporters!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our pantry during October, covering our costs for November! Here is the roll of honour of everyone who chipped in to raise the money we need to keep running the pantry this month.

Carrie, Anna, Ruth, Ellie, Tina, Karen, Samantha, Jeannette, Sophia, Rachel, Denise, Naomi, Tony & Stella, Piper, Sarah, Christina Adele, Daisy, Loretta, Lily, Nicola, Paul, Clare, Alexei, Agnieszka, Iris, Samuel, Jonathan, Racheal, Lauren, Sandi, Carole, Lulu, Dan, Anthony, Wendy, Laura, Roz, Alex, Erin, Georgina, Tim, Mac, Hanna, Jack, Jacqueline, Emma, Rebecca, Stephen, Holly, Sam, Adele, Charlotte, Meri, Tallulah, Michelle, Jamie, Sian, Felix, Harris, Beth, Ceri, Arnie, Edward, Guy, Tim & Julia, Kelly, Lee, Grant, Deborah, Judith, Anna, Michael, Yvonne, Graham, Joanna, Colin, Julia, Pamela, Alex, Martin, Eleanor, Sheila, Kate,Paul, Julian, Alison, Stella, Chantelle, Jayesh, Katherine, Barry, Katharine, Nel, Kat, Roland, Chantelle and all the in-person and anonymous donors!

Thank you so much!

Donations go to cover the cost of collecting surplus food and having it delivered, buying ingredients for paid-forward soups and extras for the pantry and bathroom box, cleaning supplies, staffing, insurance, rent, electricity, rates, waste collection and water.

This is no mean feat and we could not do it without the generosity of people who chip in one-off or regular donations from £2.50 to £500

Support us monthly on Patreon

Donate as a one-off, weekly or monthly through PayPal

Make donations via ‘Buy me a coffee’

Through your bank via BACS to:

The Art House Southampton
Sort code 089299
Account no. 65287334, (The Co-operative Bank)

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