Art Exhibitions


Quantum Mechaninks
Ink drawings by Dave Hubble at The Art House

Quantum Mechaninks is a series of life-sized and realistically detailed drawings of mechanical objects, such as watches, motors and vintage tools.

Dave’s previous work has focused on upcycling and the re-use of waste materials, and Quantum Mechaninks expands on this by taking unwanted objects and using them as still-life subjects.

Drawn freehand, they explore primarily metallic forms and textures, whether polished or corroded, and aim to give value and interest to items that would otherwise be discarded, or forgotten in sheds, attics and the back of cupboard drawers.

Dave’s solo exhibition, New Lamps for Old, has been featured at the Art House and Dancing Man, and he has contributed to group exhibitions in the city, including Heart of Heritage and Summer of Buzzz, and jointly with Nina Fraser at Nest in Christchurch.

The exhibition runs until 15th January and is part of the BAS8 Southampton Fringe

15085493_10155033526425769_4883505881587045105_n-1British Art Show 8 Fringe – In the Mind

An exhibition of poems produced by members of Pearl’s poetry group, the Solent Poetry Collective, based at MIND’s Well Being Centre, Eastleigh and illustrated by graphic and illustration students from Solent University.

Hon Prof. Pearl Elizabeth Dell May is an Internationally known Haijin (Haiku Poet). She is a founder member of the International Haiku Teachers Association for which she was awarded an Honorary Professorship from Constanza University, Romania.


If you are an artist who would like to exhibit here, visit this page

2 Responses to Art Exhibitions

  1. jo says:

    Hello whats the requirements to have an exhibition and what sort of time is the waiting list? X

  2. Bik says:

    Hi Jo – we are taking applications for shows later in this year at the moment. Find out more and apply here:

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