Art Exhibitions

Christopher Cristobal Newberry 30th April – 26th May

Striving for Imperfection, an exhibition of photo-manipulations that invites us to wonder what is real and what isn’t in a post-truth world. Expect bright colours, sharp lines and forms, and images that make you think about the nature of what we see. The show is on both floors and there is a Meet the Artist event downstairs 7-9pm on Tues 7th May. More about Christopher and his work here.


Jackie Eksi & Yvonne Nevard 28th May – 23rd June

Joint show in the downstairs cafe. Details TBC.

Art House Summer Show 25th June – 4th August

Group show in high summer. Whole building. Details TBC.

Ash Brockwell presents Pride 6th August – 1st Sept

Whole building. Details TBC.

Emma Louise Harris 3rd Sept – 29th Sept

Details TBC but expect bright colours! Downstairs in the cafe.

If you are an artist who would like to exhibit here (gaps do appear in the programme, especially spaces for small shows, sometimes at short notice), visit this page

2 Responses to Art Exhibitions

  1. jo says:

    Hello whats the requirements to have an exhibition and what sort of time is the waiting list? X

  2. Bik says:

    Hi Jo – we are taking applications for shows later in this year at the moment. Find out more and apply here:

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