Art Exhibitions

To 4 Feb 2020
Exhibition: Eleanor Jones & Jo Ingham


Eleanor is a multimedia artist specialising in fluid acrylics. She creates colourful, vibrant, abstract artworks on canvas and upcycled items – anything that stays still is in danger of a colourful upgrade!

Jo is an award winning tattoo artist by trade, who specialises in blackwork designs. As a tattoo artist, she developed a love of using simply black to express shape, form, texture and contrast with striking results.

If you are an artist who would like to exhibit here (gaps do appear in the programme, especially spaces for small shows, sometimes at short notice), visit this page

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  1. jo says:

    Hello whats the requirements to have an exhibition and what sort of time is the waiting list? X

  2. Bik says:

    Hi Jo – we are taking applications for shows later in this year at the moment. Find out more and apply here:

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