Art Exhibitions


Art House Summer Show 2018 10th July – 12th August

A selection of work by local artists, on both floors.


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Hampshire Open Studios 2018 14th – 27th August

A selection of works by Kate Woodley-Smith, Joss Lopez and Dave Hubble, on both floors.


Claire Hollywell 28th August – 30th September

Opening event 6-9pm Tues 28th August – all welcome, come and chat to Claire about her work. From abstract explorations of colour to ethereal landscapes, her work is a visual treat from an unsung talent flourishing on the local art scene. In the downstairs area.


Amy Scott-Pillow 28th August – 30th September

‘The Hope’ – a selection from Amy’s imaginary pub installation. In the upstairs gallery.

Amy produces both large-scale objects and small-scale creations. Her smaller works have been mistaken for advertisement material and can be documented through photographs or simply left in situ. She will often recreate objects in as much detail as possible, creating real, tangible and functional objects, using a variety of sources including local archives, images taken while exploring her city, her own family images as well as those shared online. She is interested in local and personal history, class culture and ‘crossing the class divide’ – to borrow the subtitle from Lyndsey Hanley’s book ‘Respectable’. In her most recent work’s ‘THE HOPE – II’, ‘In the heart of the Strong Country’ and ‘Always Served Here’ she has explored a very personal family connection through writing and object making. Originally from a council estate in Southampton, but relocated to a new build middle class suburb in Surrey as a child, the work has provided a way to reconnect with parts of herself and her family, parts that have been lost and separated by social class, distance and death.

Tim Burns 2nd – 28th October

Details to follow. In the downstairs area.

Bex Willis 2nd – 28th October

Cyanotypes. Opening event 6-9pm Tues 2nd October – all welcome, come and chat to Bex about her work and how this technique is used to create images in scales of blue from often natural objects.In the upstairs gallery.


RKP 30th October – 25th November

Drip art. Unusual forms and materials. In the downstairs area.

Adam Brimson 30th October – 25th November

Details to follow. In the upstairs gallery.

Christmas Art Show 2018 27th November – 23rd December

A selection of work by local artists on both floors – time to grab those festive gifts!

If you are an artist who would like to exhibit here, visit this page

2 Responses to Art Exhibitions

  1. jo says:

    Hello whats the requirements to have an exhibition and what sort of time is the waiting list? X

  2. Bik says:

    Hi Jo – we are taking applications for shows later in this year at the moment. Find out more and apply here:

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