An exciting announcement!

As of this week, our community pantry and fridge is go!

Fareshare are now supplying the pantry and some of our ingredients for meals. This partnership enables us to provide more pay-as-you-feel groceries and tiered priced fresh and chilled meals and takeouts so folks can enjoy a hearty, high quality Art House vegan meal regardless of income.

It’s been a long term dream of ours to make our food and space accessible in this way, weirdly it took the pause during lockdown to help us see a way to do it!

For now the plan is community pantry and pay-as-you-feel lunches to go on Saturdays 12-3pm and community pantry (mostly veg, fruit, bread and other perishables) on Wednesday 12-4pm. We are still doing food deliveries on Fridays, too.

We don’t ask for proof of income or the reason you need the nosh, it’s about sharing what we have as a community. For now we have a space, a kitchen, helpers and the ability to do this.

Huge thanks also to our Patreon community who support us month to month and make projects like this possible!

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Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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