Event FAQs

Where can I find out about an event at The Art House?

Visit our Eventbrite profile to find out all about what’s happening here.  Each event has a detailed page of information telling you all about it.

Can children come to events?

Unless otherwise stated, children are always welcome, but please be aware that most of our events are aimed at an adult audience.  Children must be supervised at all times.

What about dogs?

Well behaved dogs are welcome!

Is there seating at events?

Yes, we always provide a variety of seating for all ticketholders unless it’s a dance event or art show opening.  One of our crew will always be on hand to assist you in finding a seat if you need one.

Where can I park?

Click here for a detailed map of parking in our area.  There is a wide choice of places to park, however most are not free so please do check before you come on the Southampton City Council website.  We have no onsite parking.

Are you near public transport?

Very.  There is a bus stop a few doors up and the train station is about 7 minutes gentle walk away.

Is it safe to come at night?

To our knowledge, none of our customers has had any bad experience, however we do recommend that if you are worried you stick to the roads rather than walk through the parks.  The roads are well-lit and generally there are a lot of people about at night.

Can I come on my own?

YES!  Many of our customers come alone to events, it’s never a problem and you will be welcomed warmly.

Should I book in advance?

Most of our events are cheaper in advance, and as we are a small venue we highly recommend booking before you come to ensure there is a place for you.

There are sometimes tickets available for events on the evening/day, please turn up in plenty of time for these!  It may be worth calling before you set out, but be aware our office is not staffed in the evenings.

Can you put tickets aside for me to pay for when I get there?

Regrettably, we can’t do this – sorry!  Please book and pay online.

Can I get a refund on my tickets?

All tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by us, in which case we will always make a full refund. We will also refund tickets if you can’t come because you have Covid 19.

Can I come early to an event?

Our performance space is downstairs, so we’re usually setting up until doors open.

Can I get something to eat?

We serve light snacks during gigs – usually vegan savouries like sos rolls and pasties – as well as crisps, nuts, cakes etc.

Is there a bar?

Yes and it is always open during events.

Can I bring my own food and drink?  No.  Food for very young babies is fine.

How accessible are events?

Most live music and performance events are located on our ground floor which has level access.  Some workshops and meetings will be on our first floor. Sadly we do not have a lift at this time, so access is via a wide staircase with bannisters either side.  The stair turns two corners.  For workshops, we may sometimes be able to relocate downstairs if level access is required – we will always do our very best.

We have a variety of seating to accommodate different needs, and can always assist or adapt the seating if you require this.

Performance events have lower lighting, however workshops are always well lit.

Our friendly and helpful crew are committed to keeping the space accessible and will always be on hand if you require anything in order to enjoy an event fully.