Pancakes anyone?

Yes! It’s possible to do vegan pancakes and it’s easier than I thought… ok at the beginning of the year there was much wailing, gnashing of teeth and bending of spoons but I think I’ve got the knack now….

You can make them with wheat flour and soya milk, bit of sunflower oil and a sniff of paprika (for savoury pancakes…)

Gram flour pancakes – for a cheap and nutritious brekkie – my mum loves these

Buckwheat – they look a little odd but taste yummy – better with savoury fillings though

Rice flour – hmm have yet to master these – Tim at Wessex Tales has these sorted though he’s a bit reluctant to give the exact recipe – they feature in the yummy masala dosa dish they have on the menu….

Off on a tangent – apart from thinking about food (and eating it) am also thinking about contacting Mr Fruitwise about heritage apple trees…. to grow in our back garden in Bitterne
(my home, where I keep my toothbrush and sleep at night) as opposed to my 2nd home
The Arthouse…

See you folks for a mugga Mozzo and a slice o’ something sweet and lovely


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