Andy Billington’s Slugcat (support from Stuey Goodeve)

Andy Billington’s SlugCat + Stuey Goodeve \\ The Art House \\ Sat 17th Jan 2015

The Art House Gallery, Cafe & Venue

Saturday, 17 January 2015 from 19:30 to 22:30 (GMT) Southampton, United Kingdom

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Andy Billington’s songs are journeys — melodic, thoughtful and different to most other artists you will have heard. Colourful music and beautiful melodies accompany hope filled laments.

The Mexican (Part Juan), for example, is an epic tale of a superhero, with extremely temperamental super powers, called Solar Powered Solar Plexus Man who is constantly harassed by his arch nemesis, the evil and powerful ‘Mexican’. It is a Spaghetti Western world where The Mexican terrorises anyone who stands in his way. Will The Mexican succeed with his evil plan? Will Solar Powered Solar Plexus Man survive to the end of the song?

The band are, loosely, folk / indie / alternative with influences like Sufjan Stevens, Queen, Coldplay, Doves, Beatles, Radiohead, Gloria Estefan, Beck, etc.

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We are delighted as ever to welcome back Stuey Goodeve – Stuey is a singer-songwriter, fingerstyle guitarist and guitar teacher from the South Coast, UK

Stuey currently performs both solo and with his good buddy Oli Tong (formerly of The Happy Places) in and around the South Coast. Stuey performs a mixture of his own compositions along with his unique versions of classic tunes old and new. Stuey is also known for his unique percussion-guitar style, which when in full effect transforms him into a bona-fide one man band!


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I am a founding director of a Community Interest Company called The Art House Southampton CIC in the UK. I am a community artist / promoter / facilitator / technologist / general tinkerer! I believe that through the arts, people can rediscover themselves (and thereby reclaim their power.)
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