Musings after the first SALON!

Jani here! Hi!

Last night was a blast and the room was full of laughter at SALON!

Here chilling in bed at sunrise remembering it all, I also feel so proud of the range of performers, art forms and topics covered. In funny and accessible ways we heard about Brexit, being child free, colonisation, feminism, queerness…. we heard songs about love, yes, but also one celebrating meds for ADHD and describing being diagnosed as an adult. We heard an instrument most people would never have seen before (pan drum). The audience ranged from a person around ten sitting next to me to some much older folks and all the ages in between. We were not all British, or white, or straight, or cis.

I celebrate all this whilst holding the intention to always be more diverse, more safe, more accepting and open than we are now. The work is not done.

For me this project is about creating in microcosm the world we want, so that it becomes something real that can ripple out into the whole world. We join a proud lineage of spaces that do this: cafes, churches, community centres, temples, intentional living communities …. spaces that show us what is possible and do the pioneering work of taking an idea and making it actually work with a bunch of real humans.

I’ll tell you that making it work is challenging af, especially in a system that pushes back HARD. The internal work, the interpersonal work, the unlearning is all immense.

So it’s about the fun, the frolics, because we need those in these times – but it is also about a radical new way of being. We’re creating a new world as the old one collapses all around us. Come join us: visit, perform, volunteer, run an event – the revolution needs you. Click the ‘get involved’ menu to see how you can join in.

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Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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