A generous gift of art from Swift Sketches

The Art House is a home to art and artists and we’ve been the subject of art, too, from paintings to poems to sketches in our doodle books. Robin of Swift Sketches has said they will generously donate these paintings of our space, framed, for us to sell or auction to raise funds. Thanks Robin Swift ❤️

Please like their page here

It’s hard not to have a moment realising that, if we were to close, drawings like these would be all we had left to remember the space and everything that it means to us. It has made me all the more determined to reach that fundraising goal, put the effort into our new plan and implement the changes we need to be sustainable.

We want lots more artists to be able to sit and sketch the space we provide.

Let’s do this, let’s save this beautiful space.


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Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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