Regular Annie shares why she is supporting our #notthelastfundraiser

I really hope the Art House stays open, that’s where I met the friends I have now (all my previous friendships seemed to revolve around weed and other drugs) about 8 years ago. It’s ideal for a first date, (safe, queer friendly and often has a friendly face around if you get stood up so you can chat).

I donated 20 quid last night and will be going to the fundraiser on the 29th and will donate more but the loss of the venue for things like TDOR and Pride- a safe space not focused on booze- is something the LGBTQ+ community in Southampton needs to still have, value and support.

Also bought some Dave Hubble art last night for the new flat.

Donate here:

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Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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