Our approach to veganism in our pantry

Waste and purity, or practicality? On our approach to supplying vegan food in our pantry.

Each week we have a delivery of supermarket surplus food diverted from bins, which we redistribute. Although most of it is vegan, occasionally non-vegan things slip into our delivery, as the volunteers who prepare our pallets aren’t always clear on what is and is not vegan.

We have decided that it is better this non- vegan food go to folks who need food than to be thrown away.

We never buy any non-vegan ingredients or products ourselves, nor do we cook with anything non-vegan in our kitchen, however we have a pragmatic view of preventing food waste.

A great many of the street community and others who use our pantry are not vegan and are happy to use non-vegan food when we get it, so if you see the occasional non-vegan item in the pantry, this is why!

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Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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