Jani’s birthday!

Jani is one of the founding directors of The Art House and has been co-running the space since we started in 2008.

It’s their birthday today and they have asked those wish to show some birthday love to do so in the form of donating the price of a card or slice of cake to our pantry. The target it to cover the £575 we just paid for our supermarket surplus deliveries until the end of November, and will give us over 1000kgs of food to share with our community.

You can pay forward here or just use our Paypal, we’ll tally it all up and report back tomorrow once Jani has enjoyed a day off for their birthday shenanigans!

If you can afford to chip a few pounds in, this would be a wonderful show of support – thank you!

About janifranck

Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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