Yes, we have some bananas

Yes, we have some bananas, we have some bananas today 🎶

Our local co-op had quite a few bananas wot had gone squishy, which they passed to us. The bananas were over ripe and not ok to go in the pantry, but we hate chucking food away here.

Nothing for it but to make banana muffins! Vegan of course, spiced with cinnamon and a dash of caraway seeds, with some chia seeds added to give them a little crunch and some extra protein.

Muffins and all our other yummy cakes are available during community cafe times:

Weds 11am – 3pm & 6 – 9pm
Thurs 11am – 3pm
Sat 11am – 3pm

And during our performance events or if you’ve hired the space.

Every purchase supports our community pantry.

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