A new way to ‘pay it forward’

Click here to pay forward a hot drink

Jani here! I’ve been spending an extra admin day this week setting up a new, super easy way for people to ‘pay forward‘ hot drinks for folks using our community pantry.

For just £3, you can gift a hot drink (tea, hot choc or coffee) to one of our pantry users via ‘Buy me a coffee’.

This isn’t just a drink, but also the option (if they want to) to sit in and enjoy it, have a chat and be cosy in a friendly space that treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Every week, we are delighted to be able to give drinks and soups out thanks to the generosity of our supporter on Patreon and people making one-off donations in person or online.

Now, even if you can’t manage a regular commitment, you can quickly and easily pay forward drinks – using a payment method that saves us fees, too.

Check it out here

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