Rainy day update from the community pantry

We hope you’re staying cosy today in this wind and rain! Here at The Art House, we have offered out many soups and hot drinks to people visiting the pantry. It’s been lovely here today, knowing that folks were able to sit somewhere out of the rain and wind. 


Loading up paid forward drinks and soups on our #WheelOfKindness in the #CommunityCafe on a rainy day

♬ The Abbot’s Hymn – Clive Carroll

Being able to offer soups and drinks free of charge is because our community, that’s you by the way, are incredibly generous.

There is now a new, very easy way to ‘pay forward’ hot drinks for our pantry users via ‘Buy me a Coffee‘. Each donation makes it easier for us to open on days like today and offer a warm space out of the rain, hot food and drink and a friendly welcome – to everyone.

Take a look at the Wheel of Kindness here on our TikTok

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