Summer Fundraiser – targets three, smaller this time!

Here’s the latest update on the🌟 Summer Fundraiser for the Community Pantry 🌟

In June, we reached our first and biggest target of £2500 to cover the additional cost of opening an indoor pantry through June, July and August when our income is lower.

Thanks to you, we are able to continue staffing the space so that it is safe and welcoming for all, as well as cover the little background costs and admin that come from running our community pantry indoors so that folks can enjoy hot soup, drinks and a comfy space.

Our next targets are looking like this:

Energy costs for July – £1117 – help keep the lights on

Energy prices have gone up hugely, tripling this cost for us making it more costly to run. Help us to keep the lights – and the community fridge and freezer, the kitchen fridges and freezers, our energy efficient lighting, security cameras and the cooker to cook our pay-as-you-feel soup going. Can you help us meet this essential cost? 

£75 of £1117 funded so far – donate here

Surplus food deliveries for the summer months – £604

We work with local charity, Fareshare, who collect food from supermarkets and wholesalers and redistribute food to organisations like ours. Although the food is free, the deliveries are charged to cover their costs – and our bill for this quarter was £604.

£134 of £604 funded – donate here

Co-op collections for the summer – £350
Help us to cover the cost of collecting from local co-op supermarkets and local charity ‘The Big Difference’ – a total of three collections weekly – topping up the pantry and saving food waste! These collections only cost £10 each and usually provide over £100 worth of food, so represent excellent value.

£35 of £350 funded – donate here

We believe in the power of collective efforts, and your support will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. 

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