A reminder of why our pantry is so important right now

Jani here – I’ve just been catching up on emails after being in the kitchen making soup yesterday. I wanted to share one of them with you. I have also shared the recipe for the soup to our Patreon supporters here.

Somebody who works for the local Steps to Wellbeing contacted us, asking for more details about the pantry. They said that they are getting ‘more and more clients who are struggling to live on Universal Credit now that energy prices are rising and the uplift has ended.”

Asking for more info on when the pantry is open and what we provide, they said  “It might be a Godsend for some of my clients.”

We anticipate our pantry being very much needed over the winter, so thank you to every one of our supporters who enable us to keep it open and stocked up! 

Support the pantry with a regular donation by joining our Patreon community here.

Make a one-off donation of a hot drink, meal or groceries here.

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